Love's True Home

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"Imagine Gibran on double chocolate mocha; Hafiz after pounding back a dozen DQ butterscotch sundaes, and you will begin to see the wry, effervescent genius of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr." - by Steven Cain, Amazon Top Book Reviewer

love's true home

Steve Cain - In his use of metaphor, including his use of the ocean as a representation of Consciousness, Sri Gawn Tu Fahr explores a place that lies somewhere between the Sufi poets and T S Eliot. There is just so much to revel in as one reads these insightful chapters, that a review simply cannot hope to do the book justice.

Margo McMenamin-ngo - You really know how to make us women feel so beautiful, & your writing and poetry is second-to-none in this decade! Hugs!

Aishwarya - Dg you are akin to modern day Rumi and yet your very own unique amazing soul filled wondrous self ~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ~

Trizia Rossi - There is nothing more attractive to a woman than to be felt understood by her man.. .....The cherished love of your subject, ,,,,,. women... is so fearlessly transparent. You some how manage to build a bridge between the esoteric and the erotic.

Michelle Ream - Book recieved today ♥. Showed people at work, they were amazed also. Will take a pic soon for you too. Love and Lite ♥ muahxoxo

Tammy Nickelson - My Heart is on fire along with other things.

Kazzie Smith - Dearest Raven, I am having a party tonight to celebrate the arrival of my lovely books I ordered of yours from Amazon OMG I cant believe they took 2 months to get here....just glad they have arrived I was starting to despair~thinking I may have to send out a search party~ well all I can say is YOUR BOOK IS WONDERFUL AND IT WAS SO VERY WORTH WAITING FOR ~~~~~~ PARTY~~~~~~~ LOL~~

Enixa Exgida - Sri, I Think You are the perfect poet for the lovers (couples )who wanna keep Love Alive !that`s Beautiful,Thanks for sharing!!!

Roseline Losier - Sri, you are a gardener of poetry who makes our souls blossom

CosmicPao SuperPao - Your Words........(sighs) Sooo poetic and Beautiful I feel them deep inside my Heart !!They are Gorgeous♥♥♥

Collene Anderson - i really should be studying for my biology test right now but why would I want to memorize carbon molecular structures when reading your words are pure chemistry? ;) blessings, love, and light to you!♥

RavenG9 - I was asked who my favorite inspirational writer is: Kahlil Gibran, Hemal Radia and Sri Gawn Tu Fahr. (Twitter)

Joy Violette Wolf - Just received "Loves True Home" and am joyfully dipping my toes into the sweetly flowing stream of your succulently spiritual sensibilities!

Roni Lipstein - Gorgeous, stunning, inspiring, intoxicating words of LOVE :D

Timothy Huffman - Brother Your WORDS are like Scented FLOWERS, One Smells with Ones Eyes.

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Jiji Smai - ur words are like gold...

Kelli Boorn - It is a wise man who knows how to use just the right words to get into a womans heart...and other places!

Elaine Robertson - whenever I read your poetry, I get tingles from head to toe, if only a man could love me the way you describe, would to me be like heaven on earth .

Renee Griffin - Your flow with the pen literally takes me away. Damn, Jean-Pierre! Wow!!! My favorite poet prior to reading your work is Rumi. Now, I have two favorite poets.

Diane Enzenauer - Jean-Pierre! Your book has brought me such Joy, Happiness, Love, Romance and Tears! I have to say it is the Best Book I have ever read! Thank you, ♥♥♥

Diana Gibson - A little mystery , spiritual , great passion and a lot fire in your words !!... I love the way you use words to express your feelings deep inside your soul : A sacred phoenix , rainbow whirlpools, feather in your wings ...just full of power and excitement .

Vivian Johnson - Your words open a gateway to creativity. Your combination of wisdom with comedy and sensuality is awesome. Kudos!

Candace Vearing - reading passages from your book amaze me;),with your eloquent speech and words of wisdom,you really are a true author,everyones heart would open to this;)

Ali Martin - Yours is some of the most beautiful mystic poetry I have ever read Jean-Pierre. There are no words to describe the beauty and the wisdom inside of you. You're an EXCEPTIONAL , enthrralling SOUL. Namaste ♥ You're like an endless river of love, an undying sun, yes! ♥

Eric Sheehy - You are incorrigible sir..You are the Dickens of repartee...lolz

Carolyn Wright - Loving your book! It is on my coffee table and I will pick it up almost daily and just open to a page or six. Always brings a smile, laughter and joy to my heart. Thank you for gifting us with your wisdom ♥♥♥

happy readers of Love's True Home

Peace Pilgrim - you're just like the Persian poet Hafiz with his sensuous rhyming couplets...and of course Dr. Seuss..... ♥

Jessica Santos - Rumi has nothing on you! Love it! {{{HUGE HUGS}}} Love & light mywonderful friend!!! = )

Jennifer Hoste - You my friend are a modern day Shakespeare..xx

Cynthia David - you are my favorite :) poet in the world....

CosmicPao SuperPao - ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Love You Sri Gawn ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Your Poetry makes me Fly to the Stars and swim in a nebula with sparkling star dust, sprinkle sprinkle little star How Gorgeous You ARE ♥♥♥

Vivian Johnson - Thou art a lover of prose with a permeating fragrance and as soft as a rose petal. it caresses your cheek causing ones knees to simply go weak....

Julie Vincent - Your words of heart are inspirational and great mirrors for my soul. You make me smile and laugh. I'm honoured to be touched by you. Love love love.

Bernadette Charles - Be still my heart! Thank you Jean.I would like to enroll all the men of the universe to Sri Gawn Tu Fahr university.

Goldie Berencsi - If I had a single flower for every beautiful quote you write Raven, I could walk forever in my garden and shower them with golden droplets of divine love! Blessing's ♥

Michele Langlo - Sri... you're sounding a little like a combo of Coleridge and E.A. Poe... but then again... ur just u!!!

happy readers of Love's True Home

Arkay Evans -Thank you for being a light in a very dark place. Blessings to you...

Misty Bleu - My copy of 'Love's True Home,' by Sri Gawn Tu Fahr arrived today! Ever had a book that had that Otherworldly feeling emanating from it? This is such a book. I cleansed my room to make it worthy of the book. *In bed, reading and smiling.*

Star Burrows - Sri, your heart speakes clearly You remind me of the whimsical and uniqueness of e.e.cummings..the unworldlyness of W.Blake...the sensitive nature James Kavanaugh.. the dizziness of Van Gogh with splashes of colour..the balance of a Calder mobile Intermixed with dazzling lightplay and wordplay ...and you give us the mad ,magical..take me up and Beyond! world of Sri...Love that! Love you! Star

Planken Beth - Sometimes you remind me of Khahil Gibran, do you know the book, Jesus the Son of Man.?

Xalia Hulet - You are such a wonderful Love Guru ♥

Susan McDonald - you make my heart beat a little faster, when it comes to love, you are the master ♥♥♥

Jeanne Flynn Schwarz - I am really enjoying your book...Loves True Home..and most of your passages are as sweet as a chocolate covered Strawberry dripping with love and (humor) he he he and I LOVE the cover.

Shallah Ray Montaine - Thank you Jean-Pierre aka Sir Romancalot.

Star Burrows - LOVE ♥ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmesmerizing Rapture!!!

sri gawn tu fahr

Maryann Cook - What a Divine Gift you have! To gather vast bodies of Profound Wisdom into concise and comprehensible mortal format with only a handful of words is a as much a Miracle as turning water into wine, feeding the multitude with only a few fish, ect.. Thank you for your Service, my Brother.

Sarbjeet Kaur - beautiful Raven...your writings are just too good...enchanting...

Sonia Contreras Toledo - To my friends: Raven Gregoire 'IS' Sri Gawn Tu Fahr, author of the book "Loves True Home" which is on my immediate 'wish list'. He is a magician of words, a true delight! The wit and humor, mixed in with spirituality, and sexiness (yes sexiness).. is uncomparable. Thank You Raven

Joan Budnick Trager - "My three children LOVE your Book!! Your work is Fabulous for all ages!!!"

Shirley Fowler - These beautiful words just lift the heart ... ♥

Selene Remington - Lovely writing!! Your a scribe after my own heart!

Heather Lovasa English - This should be a hallmark card!! :)) xox... :)

Nancy Selwyn Ramsey - finished the book, but you can never finish your applies all the time....

Joan Budnick Trager - You are so awesome!! Your book is ALWAYS on our coffee table....we love to pick it up and read your divine wisdom....Thank you Raven!

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Terri Norton-dovey -You write the most beautiful things Raven... You fill my heart and soul. Thank you *♥*

Che Steele -Thank you, Raven! You are more than writer, that I can see. You are revolutionary! My heart throbs to see your work.Thank you again! Che

Liana Jackson - My daugter just looked at your photo on the back of Love's True Home and asked me "Mummy is that God?" :-}) Bubbles of love and laughter

Wright Gayle - You are a precious soul child of Gods expression of creativity full of rays of light kama showering us with your shimmering rainbows; always full of upliftingness to newer brighter hights burning ever so bright in this darkness of hope n love!!

Angela Spokes - I have your book Raven, beautiful words from a beautiful soul. A tonic for soul and a reminder of our true nature. Thank you :)))

Geri Samstag - Jean ! You are truely a awesome man, sometimes when i read your writings i cry they just fill my heart with all kinds of feelings that i dont under stand good feelings i guess you think im just a loony toon really im not anyway i think you r great...God bless Geri :-D:-D

Lesle' Beverley Cairns - You're lucky that you live on the other side of the world otherwise I would be at your doorstep most days to hear your beautiful poems

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Sandra Boley - Sri your truely a special person, and Man. Your words inspire me, and im sharing them with my daughter that truely needs to hear them. I thank god for you everyday! May you be truely blessed for what you do for others.

Dee Ziegler - you are so unique, thank you for your words of wisdom-they do reach my heart

Meadow Willow Tree - i just had you up on FB and my 9 year old granddaughter just told me "did you know he is a author?" and i said yes and showed her your new book. and i asked how do you know him. and she told me she saw your picture in her 3 grade library. and then she told me she has known about you since the second grade...♥♥♥

Lady D - i thought id let you know your words are clings on to me like that of when I read helena blavatski's books...sri you are very addicting.

Becky Bonam - I just got "Loves True Home" last week, and I love it, it makes me smile over and over again, Im so glad I got it. and Glad I have you here as a friend, Namaste, Sir Raven Gawn tu Fahr Gregoire (((❤)))

Light-betty Bloch - Wow flowing exquisite feelings of elation brought about by words that flow, caress and rhyme. Beautiful thank you!

Jessica Salvador - wow...I need cooling down...LOL

happy readers

Tonee Gwinn Jean-Pierre, - this is GREAT! Looking forward to reading your zesty potpourri of goodness in "Love's True Home," something we ALL need. ♥ Bless YOU for your post, your wisdom, your creative book, & for your special BEing in my life... you are a true inspiration. ♥♥♥

Jennifer Wichard - Sri Gawn Tu Fahr's love inspires us all........ ♥

Zelda S. Fitzgerald -I got it:your style of writing is a fusion of whimsical haiku and ancient fables.Very clever.I like it very much.

Mathilde Otgaar - to thee Sri... i feel like i am in a Shakespeare play :)*¨*•.¸¸.• ☼ sweet ☼ •.,,.•*¨*•.¸ i like ❤ am so showering in that warm liquid waterfall ((❤)) like rain kissing me*¨*•.¸¸.• ☼ sweet ☼ •.,,.•*¨*•.¸

Connie Damon - Every time I read your posts on Facebook I wish I could click the like button a hundred times.

Raman Bhutani - wow wonderful Sri, You are a contemporary Rumi...:)

Byron Turner - 15 paperbacks are ordered for christmas gifts this season. As the holidays get closer I have 10-12 I will need. Ordered three hardbacks. One for me for immediate use. One for a special lady. And one I am saving for the day my connections get back to me and we have arranged a in store booksigning. WOO--HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy readers

Mally Elva Indigo - ♥ Sweet Love.. you are a fresh breeze every single time I see, read, feel or think of you!!! ♥ you blow worries from the mind.. and you give a kiss of life that fills up every space in our hearts with joyful love ♥ thank you

Maria Munoz - you make my heart implode really ...gorgeous everytime I read your words they speak directly to me at the perfect time. Gods Love uses you to touch the heart of many you are blessed.


Clarissa Middleton - @ Sri Gawn Tu Fahr- I enjoy reading the way you write words. It speaks so wonderfully to your LEVEL OF PASSION!

Dimitra TheEmpress Tamaresis -Jean-Pierre, you have moved me to tears of appreciation for reasons beyond words! May you be blessed in every way, everyday, know that you have inextricably become part of my ♥. Em'D

Mak Alive - See your loving words has changed my heart. So I wanted to say thank you and let you know how grateful I am for your wise words, advice and beautiful pictures.

Meredith Biegel - Jean-Pierre .. you helped me answer my own questions about upbringing and what makes sense to me... what rings of truth for me. You ..showed me the way.. through your heart and words... and I have to look no further... than my own true home.. my heart , see the messiah in me!!!! xxxxxx I feel so happy and free!!!

sri gawn tu fahr

Dawn Cardinal - Reading your words, Raven, makes me feel more loved and more beautiful. I'm even looking much better!

Tuyet Van Julie - Jean-Pierre, you are a mystic and a poet. I love your expression of spirit through the eloquent use of and through the power of your words. What a gift and a blessing. :- )

Cindy - Jean-Pierre, I read your words and they Just take me to the deepest love in My heart and the Light there EXPLODES into God's Divine Energy and I'm left in a Rumi like state of Bliss

Kim Long - Dear Sri, you are like choir of angels, singing the song we all love to hear, the song of love and that makes me smile and that is what I really love doing!

Mitch Lee - Beautiful. What do you eat to enable you to come up with such beautiful words. You eat Caviar every day?


Yvonne Rafi - One of the many things I would like to acknowledge and compliment on your writings, is the fluidity and harmony with which you dance between whimsy and serious thought. It's truly a gift to waltz people into thought.

Lady Magnolia - Never was there ever a tale told, as Tolkien could tell it.Alas you still stand as master of the rhyme of our time, Sir Jean-Pierre.

Jeannie Alldredge - hahaha luv your book.. really far out and many great quotes which makes u laugh and kinda kooky too!!!

Cathy Lilly - Beautiful, I may share this with my students (giving author credit of course).

Ian Morris - geniunely happy with your passages, they make me smile , your name is to me, you, and to many readers the sweetest sound , i listen to all your words of wisdom as we share a lot in common , you make me and yourself feel very important , keep the flow of love burning within as we are what we think,,,,,as you teach your dna to respond to your thoughts ,,, love is the energy that makes the world go around , live it love it breath it

Oceana Leblanc - are our modern day Rumi...whew. I just sighed a boatload of oceanic glitter with those words...:)

Doreen Rowan - Everyone should get this book. It is really remarkable and well worth reading. Love the quotes Jean-Pierre. Thank you. Blessings,

Allison Jayne Yancey Kollmeyer - oh there you go again. Stirring up things with your words of love,joy and pleasure. All those things that make the ladies go awe and gaga. :):) it all reminds me of m&m candies melt in your mouth not your hands delisous. Lol yes you give the word yummmmy a total new meaning.

Lana L. Fiongos-Quinnell - Your messages are so amazing and gentle. A true alchemist with the language of Love! I have been basking in your love light all the day

Marta Origuela Suarez - So inspiring dear friend! Your sensitivity and spirituality are velvet petals of love and joy! Thank you! …I will share

Navneet Kali Dhillon -I truly am blessed. A thousand thanx for the book. I LOVE IT !!! LOVE IT !!! LOVE IT !!!

Ellen Stackpoole - You know, I get the feeling that you're not from around here, and you've got a magnificent soul, and at some unexpected moment, you'll go home again, and we'll wonder who you were and be grateful you blessed us for awhile...:-) Ellen

Veronica Ashe - Oooooh, my dear Jean! Words are such a key to me...& these my sweet sir are delightfully alive! I am moved...without saying too I am replaying the images you've implanted in my vividly imaginative mind! Why all men-folk haven't mastered such a way with verse & turned every woman's keys...unlocking hearts & loins everywhere is such a mystery to me! LOL! Thank you so much for honoring me with this word-gift! I'm now ardently kissing you in my heart & hugging you in my mind! Big LOVE to you! ♥ :))

Nicole - jean pierre, I just love your writings,they are such a positive ray of hope in people's lives when many people here are focussed on the dark side of life and I get so bored with all that crap that when I see what you have to say it really makes it worthwhile staying on facebook so thanks I really appreciate it.

Joyce Bubblo Nardozzi - Printing this and hanging it on my cubical at work tomorrow! Thank you!

Andrea Forest - Was just listening to your recent blogtalk interview. Your voice is as delightful as your writings, Jean-Pierre! ♥ ♥

Michele Lenzen Milic - Good for you JP....My lyrically gifted, love spewing, Hallmarkian friend! ~ Much Love Dear One ~ ♥ ~

Kazzie Smith -This is one of my most treasured books in my library and believe me my library is extensive and huge~~~~~~~a must have and read for all those who live for love "♥*¨`*•✿ Today is the perfect Day to say...
♥ THANK YOU, my beautiful friend! ♥.... . ✿•*¨`*♥" for your wonderful overflowing gift of creativity and inspiration~~~~~~I love you very much my dear brother~~~

Sandra Boley - God helped me find you with a *sigh and a *giggle* now i must share your words...umm selfish isn't nice so i shared you with my niece tonight. I laughed and grined untill my face hurt. Watching my niece glow over your grace with such delight.

VictoriaRose Denham - Thanks for the friendship.... I love your book! A true Treasure to behold.

David Lewis - the world is simply amazing with you in it Sri and your beautiful insightful words. :-D ♥

Liana Jackson - You are lovely ♥ very connected and sensual, truly beautiful......I love so much of your wisdom as it is truly original, not beaten and changed and served up as a different dish, your words have a passion and identity that shows a unique spirit, separate to the pack, I relate to everything you say and probably feel...........Thank you for embracing the purity and sensuality of this grand spirit, this love and connection you have is like my own, I appreciate finding you ♥ Liana

Ariffa Gill - Oh my heart is melting!

Meredith Biegel - Don't you all know... We are all going to sitting in the audience at the Oprah Show !!! I asked.... I believe and We will receive !!! And Oprah is going to shout.. Free books .....and a free cruise with Sri Gawn Tu Fahr... We are off to Europe to help him promote his book !!!! His whole top fan club !!!!!! wwwoooooo hooooooooooooo ... See More's hands and she's glowing! I can see it! I truely can see it!

Michelle Hapafreak - I just love you & your playful, loving spirit & eloquent words & exuberant self expression! Woot! Thanks for sharing glorious you!!! :D XO

Beverley Krupp - Im surprized Hallmark hasnt called you? or have they?

Roxanne Coryell - I love, love. LOVE this book!!! It's a constant heartlift!!! I HIGHLY recommend ordering it as soon as possible--you'll be thrilled that you did : D!!! Thank you from my heart for your wisdom and wit, dear one; it's made a huge difference to me with what I'm going through right now. All love to you♥

Xhantya Colmenares - Simply you are the great poet of love...♥Xhanyta♥

Kathy Schaefer - "I’ve never felt such fingertips like the ones inside my heart; the softness of your loving touch blows my mind apart." This blew me away. So cool.

Jeanette Tracy Kahl - Great to hear you read your poetry with your magnificent voice. Your interview responses were illuminating. The callers were so appreciative of your appearance and we were all happy to have the element of your voice added to the poetic exchanges you share on facebook and in your book, "Love's True Home". Looking forward to the next show.

Leony Cabauatan - What a morning message for me.. breathtakingly beautiful that touches up my soul.. how much more when I read your book.. hmm.. thanks a whole lot Raven.. Good morning and always be an inspiration to all. much love ♥

Eva Webb Wright - ♥♥♥ My copy of Love's True Home arrived today! It is beautiful! L.O.V.E- L.O.V.E- L.O.V.E-♥♥♥wow you are an artist with words you paint a picture in my mind that i love ~♥~.

Jennifer Michelle Covany - What a beautiful sweetheart! And my smile is even BIGGER thanks 2 u! Ty, 4 lighting up my soul! Its u who fills my soul up with so much love n smiles! May u know how much u r appreciated~♥ XoXo Jennie

Mary Ann Donnarumma Kobes - I cannot wait to get this book!!!! B&N is usually very quick. One quote in particular spoke to me and I would like to share it on my wall. ♥

Jennifer Larkins - hehe ...sgtf swings like tarzan...from one heart to another ....touchen us with love...thx to u ....loves peeps.

Jennifer 'Jen' Wichard - Your book always offers exactly what I need ~! Thank you Raven ♥ With LOVE, Jen

Ingrid van Amsterdam - Raven you are such a darling! ♥♥♥ I received your book today :D So happy! :D You opened up my waterfall of sweet tears flowing in my endless river of Love ♥♥♥
~*♥☀☆☀♥*~ Love, Light, and Laughter Always ~*♥☀☆☀♥*~

Krishan Kumar - Magnificent Expression......!!

Blue Saffire - Raven you make life so much easier to understand ....deep meaningful things put so causally it ....thank you dear ♥:)♥:)♥:)

Elena Fong - Jean Pierre, your loving words pierce my heart, all ablaze, can hardly start. I feel the heartbeat and I push on, life goes on and on and on. Love Jean Pierre!

Annette Balcom Christopherson - I am beginning to believe that you are such an enigmatic soul that many people would like to meet you in person. So, I guess I will go for the next best thing, and that is your book. Goodnight, Love.

Therese Lepage Lachapelle-Bhatnagar - Not only is Sri Gawn extremely wise and highly spiritually enLIGHTened, his sense of HUMOUR is incomparable and his CREATIVITY astonishing!!!

Safy Mousa - I can't wait to hold your books in my hands .... act fast please ♥♥ hahahhahaaaaaaaaaaa ..... you are so special ♥♥!

Dee Laura Sprague - Hey there I recieved your beautful books! "loves true home" is such a treat for the soul! I am really enjoying reading it- THANK YOU so much ♥ ♥ ♥

Wafa Crawford - I just received your book...I'm so excited!!! ~♥~

JoAnn Keefer - I am so enjoying your book . It resonates so beautifully and makes me laugh and smile You are precious!!!

Holly Gosselin - I LOVE YOU RAVEN~ always and forever!! ~We are in HEAVEN right now dear one. I'm bringing your book to CUBA.. and will read it to the children there.


Lisette Parker - I, in fact, just got done listening to the interview on your website ~ you have such a nice voice, and I don't think I've ever told you, but your poems and prose really touch my heart very deeply, and on a very esoteric, personal level. This is perhaps what reaches women most ~ yours is a voice of spirit that heals and uplifts women. Thank you for opening to Spirit and being yourself through your heart.

Mirian M. Fares Farah - I am from Brazil and I am knowing you and your work now! I loved your work and the way You inspire others to think in the beaty of GOD! And remembering each one that He is within us, in our hearts.

Kimberly Ann Boring-Ruiz - Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your book. Each page keeps me smiling and when I can't be on the computer reading your clever and witty funnylicious quotes, I can always reach for my book and find something new to touch my heart :)

Bill Whitefeather - Jean-Pierre is a crazy genius - seemingly unaware of this- He consistently let's forth w/ his Heart , expressing the forgotten corners of our human condition

Dawn Cardinal - Thanks to you, Sri gawn Tu Fahr, radiant heart with golden wings, flying to and fro as he flutters and sings. Here I am at the bottom of the page, reading the words of a luminescent sage, breathing in and breathing out, receiving these sparks as they scatter about, hearing the sounds of celestial love, inspiring me to share with others God's love, here is a beacon shining back to you, may you have peace, love and light in all you do. Dawn, Cristal Essence

Carol Bye - your silver tongue transferred to the pages makes me giggle like a school girl sometimes. lol. Refreshing as can be!

A Poet's Corner - Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire aka Sri Gawn Tu Fahr is the author of the book "LOVE'S TRUE HOME" and he's one of the dopest poets that i've ever seen and had the pleasure of knowing on Facebook. He's witty, hilarious, and a rose of morphing colors.

Jeannie Alldredge - LUV LUV YOUR BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa Humphrey - I love your book!

Wright Gayle - You are the expression of truel lovely caring soul and you/we are all enlightened just we dont know it or act upon it, but we try to express it just like Sri Gawn Tu Fahr. he's an amazing gorgie sexy mon!

Peace Pilgrim - You're not called Sri for no reason,just like Sri Bhagwan, the enlightened one!

Susan Lynne Comstock - oh it is your sense of simplicity and humor that draws me the insightful words your share.

Mary Macdonald - Once again dear Gregorie i must say congrats for the book love's true home. I've read only exercepts so far but it is really astonishing.‌

Henk Lütter - In a few hundred years they're not only celebrating the poems of Rumi, they're also celebrating you!

CosmicPao SuperPao - Hello my Gorgeous friend ! I wonder why I didnt have you as a friend in Facebook ! I am always reading and L.♥´´¯`• ¸.♥ving your posts ! You are a fantastic Soul full of Bright Beautiful Love and passion for writting ! You are such a Gorgeous Poet ! Your words make me dance the sounds of Love in this beautiful Life, thank you for adding me to your Life, you were already in mine long long time ago, May the Light always shine greatly in your Soul to iluminate us all the time with Happiness and Love . Namaste.♥´´¯`• ¸.♥´´¯`•

Kristy Malmstrom Kleinert - Raven, you've got me laughing my butt off (and I could stand a little of it off)...!! I'm so glad I found you! You're my kind of "guru"!! hahaha!

Eric B Shay - I am writing to you b/c I recognize that you are changing the world. You are an example of an outstanding author, and great spirit having a huge impact empowering people to live the life they deserve.

Djinnga Fairbairn - I love this Jean-Pierre...this image would make a beautiful painting and also a poem...crystal- clear waterfall ..lush green and a purple bright sky with a sun just above the horizon....all bathed in golden light....
I know I am repeating myself...but thank u for your presence in my are great!!!!!!!!!!

Isa Mayi Ma - Such a Loving & Tender Soul, Sri ~♥

Ruby Begonias - you make me melt with every post you must have woman (and men? lol) jumping all over you with those words of yours ....they melt my heart and make my third eye convulse - much love to you JP

Misty Bleu - Your "words" take me to another place, a place I remember knowing long ago. You awaken a fire within me, that wants to breathe in more of you, so that it stays lit. Thank you for taking physical form and walking with us here.

Gretchen Casey - Sharing this with my 3 kids - and looking foward to selling it in my bookstore(s)!!

Robyn Herrera - Thank you. You write beautifully - from the heavens themselves thank you for your grace & wisdom on this earth ♥blessings & love to you ♥

Julia Miles - when can I buy the book & will you sign my copy xx

Lilo Lil - Some things you say and some things you post do really take the wind out of my sails, and that is why I am often, gasping for breath.

Gia Combs-Ramirez - Nice!!!Are you the reincarntion of Rumi?

Allison Jayne Yancey Kollmeyer - lol good way of thinking hmm may have to share this one at work tomorrow. A balance of humor, reality and pure light and love your quite the mix as a writer and person. Tis all great.:):) blessings

Annie Nguyen - YES! WOW. Soft hearted. Deep. Inspiring. Thank you for filling me w/ colour, & beauty, & joy & laughter & stars & sunnnn :)

Rhonda Clemmer Chartier - Got the book ! Very nice job. Opened randomly yesterday and was greatly inspired indeed. Thanks for getting all that Love out into the World Jean-Pierre. Good work!

Theresa Humphrey - Yes it is wonderful!!!!!!!! You have a fantastic gift and your book is delightful! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Neetu - love your book, but u knew I would! thank God its on my kindle!

Vonnie Kissner - Just ordered your book....can't wait for the mailman to get here fast enough!

Misty BleuO, ~~>The Oprah Magazine: - May I suggest a book? Words that are helping my damaged heart to heal, giving me wings to fly again, after much darkness. "Love's True Home," by Sri Gawn Tu Fahr. I can see that his words will be quoted decades from now. Love and Light, he inspires and ignites. His words are a treasure, to me and to many.

Jessica Santos - And I thought no other could move my soul with poetry as Rumi does and it's surpass it all!!! Love & light!

Sharon Ryan - Collectively, We Thank You ♥

Stephanie - A healing balm in the midst of this miasma of negative feeling and self-doubt has arrived in the form of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr and I cannot encourage you strongly enough to support this gentle spirit's work than by purchasing a copy of his book.  I purchased mine today through, but I know it is available elsewhere as well.

Rizza Dela Cruz - You are gifted with wisdom and eloquence... Your words permeate the soul ... Blessed Be...

Shelley Brinkley - Raven, you complete me...seeing your name is a treasure..and seeing your words is a glimpse of Heaven!

John Troy - Sri Gawn, you are facebook's poet supreme. Thanks for sharing your insight and bliss. I in~joy it!

Sara Martin - You never will have gawn too fahr - not if you continue to write so beautifully - keep on going as fahr as is necessary to perpetuate this wondrous flow of prose and we will all be forever grateful for however fahr you have gawn May we all in time have gawn that bit further for reading your inspiring words

Rero Clayton - Jean-Pierre, as a professional writer, I'd like to pay you a sincere compliment. Your writings are unique, of great spiritual value and very well done. I hope you continue to write and share your loving thoughts from within. My day is brighter thanks to you. - Peace, love and light - Rero.


Maria Sanches - Everything you say with your words, Jean Pierre, is the fruit of your especially well nurtured inner garden, watered with love and fun...

Loraine Gunderson - You my friend are my most favorite romantic artist...and a bit silly-which I find adorable..

Mario Donato - Jean, Your messages inspire me, and reminds me of the beauty that surrounds me daily- very contemplating and magical. Thank you.

Isa Mayi Ma - Exquisite writings and meandering of melodious Wisdom.
It is a blessing, you are on here with us all!

La Tribu de Rainbowistan - That is make me smile!!! "I know i am on the right path because all this non-sense is starting to make sense" The Radiant Light that is Sri Gawn Tu Fahr...Thank-u for Lightening us up!!!

Laura Dorr - Yes yes of course i want this book yesterday!!! I am so happy you will be able to share this book with all of us, you truely make my day with your wonderful words of love and inspiration, gives me a whole other outlook.....xoxoxo

Elizabeth McCabe - jean-pierre u are bringing up depths within me i did not realise existed thankyou your writings are a joy x

Laurie Walters - Thank you Jean-Pierre for this whole new perspective. I never thought of it like that before. I hope I can remember and keep these words with me! ♥

Rich Heart Barnes - It's all about supply and demand: You supply and you de man!!! Thank you Jean-Pierre for sharing so generously from your heart!!!

Kathryn C. Jones - damn you are GOOD!

La Tribu de Rainbowistan - You may be one of the funniest men on the planet...THROW ROCKS AT OUR PORSCHE ...Hilarious!!!! Baba Ebraheem

Anastacia - U r obviously very intelligent, Knowledgeable with a tongue in cheek humour & spiritual at the same time.

Renate Franolich - I LOVE THIS ONE !!!!!!

Shelley Brinkley - this going on my loving room!

Fara Marz - Your passion, understanding and authentic love emanating with poetic beauty is an elevating tool to carry during the "dark nights of the soul". Waiting for your words of wisdom to arive soon. I am Greatefull with your friendship as always.

Selene Remington - Ah!! Thats a Good one I Love it!! Yes some freedom is a GREAT THING! Your a very Creative thinker, and writer! I coomend you Spirit and Soul my friend! ~Love~ To you DearOne!

Buffalo Bob - dude u get around facebook. i go to obscure places and Sri Gawn's quotes are already there. Its like i'm following a ghost, a spirited ghost a holy bro on a special path.

Bill Whitefeather -You are the Rumi of the Great White North~ Love On- My Brother~ <><><><><>~•

Cathy LaCour - Congratulations on the publication of your awesome book JP, your writings are flowing metaphysical heartfilled beautiful wanderings and ponderings, i am so happy for you and so proud to be called your friend xoxox Blessigns Love & light Cat

Meredith KImberley - Hello ❤Sri Gawn Tu Fahr ❤Guess what arrived at my front door? Yes!!! MY VERY OWN COPY OF ❤LOVE'S TRUE HOME❤ !!!! :) WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! I am so thrilled! The book is gorgeous and precious! The artwork is vibrant and alive! I love the way you divided your quotes into different categories.. I can pick and choose ..depending on my mood !! xxx The FONT is a great size ... easy to read !! What a great way to daily start your day !!! Pick out a quote and your LOVE FLOW is on its way !!!! To own your book means so much to me!!! You have opened up my life and have shown me.. that I never walk alone.. no matter where I roam... Love is within me and guiding me.. it's right in my heart... ❤ Love's True Home !!! I thank you for your most amazing writing !!!! Congratulations !!! P.S. I didn't just buy one hardcover copy ... I bought two❤ !!!! One for me and one for my son !!! He's 26 ...and Love's U Too !!

Mystic Spirit - Sri always your words take my breath away! I am that canvas...I always have been. So very different from others yet familiar also!

April Noade - Your speaking right to me!! Perfectly, absolutely perfectly stated. Thank you thank you...

Anita Demianczyk Mohseni - to me, YOU are like a modern RUMI with a splash of OSHO!:)

Tracey Perrin - What a motivational man~ exploding with fizz like a shook up can :~))

Elizma le Roux - What an honour for me - Your words resonated this morning with all the cells in my body!

Bill Whitefeather - You are very lucky indeed to be such a hollow bone as to let spirit flow freely through you in this way- I am glad for you brother- and I gladly look forward to your next inspirational moment! Namaste-Wm. P. Whitefeather/ Ska Wiyaka

Neil Powell - And you know that in true love, love and light we can feel those words, Raven, you have no idea how your beautifull words inspire me in my world of desperate stuggle of oneness..

Nikoya Sunsong - Wow- i love your words-so original ,true, and refreshing-thanks for you ♥

Andrea Forest - I have loved your *inspirations* from day one! Excited about the book Jean-Pierre. Can't wait to wrap my heart around it. What a treasure you are ♥

Layla Khan - WOW! Sri Gawn Tu Fahr your words are Magical ~ I always get carried away dancing to the scared song ~ to Love's True Home ! :)

Misty Bleu - I see it as you being a person who is aware that they have a mind and uses an electrifying way. Lightning...pulsating through and radiating from you and into us, waking up our minds. ~ ♥ ~ Beautiful bird. :)

Layla Khan - Like your thoughts Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire !

Ellena Baxter - just love reading your words of wisdom

Jennifer Arde - Love your words. Truly Beautiful! I always find strength. Brightest Blessings.

Louise Marchione - There is much wisdom that come from your messages, its like you are verbalising my thoughts. Seems to me that Spirit has sent you ,so that through your words, my heart and love can once again be reawaken after ,what I have come to call, the dark night of my soul

Branka - Jean-Pierre's verse, just ahhhh.J.P.-I want to read your poetry book by the river, in the woods, at the sea, not just here.

Roxanne Coryell - Thank you, Sir Mystic, I'm definitely your fan : )! Peace and many blessings to you always♥

Lauretta Boyington - You are so already in My Heart and I venture to say in the Heart of anyone who has ever come in contact with you and your beautiful writings.. Love on Sri..♥♥♥

Patricia Ellak - I like your work, I like your Wisdom. I enjoy stoping on your links, It,s like stopping at a spring, and sipping the cool water to calm and refresh. AUM

Samantha Gaban - Thanks Jean and i have never met such a wonderful and loving person like you, your post have kept me going since i've known you.

Rene Ingram - Jean-Pierre, where in the world do you come from?? Where do you fetch all those BEAUTIFUL words, quotations that I read so frequently on my fb? Are you from THIS WORLD?? ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!

Marie Zapien - I just gotta say how wowed I am by your words, Jean-Pierre--if I may. And your bio is just sublime. Thank you for inspiring this little snail of a soul. M

Jennifer Wichard - Jean~Pierre, I smile every time I see Facebook sprinkled with your love. You clever, lovable wordsmith...... your message of love runs deep ~ your delivery is thought provoking, sometimes whimsical and I for one, will enjoy and cherish your book♥~!

Amoena Starr - that is exactly WHY i love you so much..look how wonderful you express me in you...thank you

Jessica Salvador - wheneverI am down and I sign in on facebook,your writings everything you say just blows my mind,then I am back into my mellow have been sent here for a continue blessing people's heart and touching their lives as you have done for me...thank you,thank you, thank you!!!

Anastacia - You define undefinable feelings & inexpressible thoughts into expressive words.

Heather Lovasa English - This should be a hallmark card!! :)) xox... :)

Lady D - youre like a breath of fresh air you know that? you make the littlest things shine brighter

Remi Laliberte - wow what a source of epic inspirations, thank yew!

Molly H. Alexander - Reading what you write, springboards me into giddiness, love, and glee. I am grateful for finding you and always look forward to reading your notes, inspirations, wisdom, and word-song. Thank you. ♥♥♥

Laura Dorr - i just am so captivated with your words and perspective! THey MOVE me, lots of passion!!!!

Tony Thompson - Man Jean-Pierre, I am enthrolled with your words my brother! I am a hard MF but hearing you is like opening valves that have been left closed for much too long!

Everley St Peter - you are not only brilliant, you are funny~ a-ho! ~ ♥

Ryan Witkos - Good grief do you have any idea how appropriate and poignant this is right now??? THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Stephanie Doty - Ahhhhhhhh, Raven, I've fallen deeply in love with you and your messages that sing such a wonderful lyric I'm all but floating in the air myself. Sighing yet again in Seattle.

Valery Rumchukus - absolutely and amazingly awesome alliteration as always :-)

Alounda Mae - I freaking love this one! ♥

Sabrina Starseed Brietzke - Wonderful! I will certainly speak to my local bookstore and ask to have it brought in! And I will post this for all my friends to see! Love and light to you! THANK YOU!

Jade Fairybells Beckman - wow you are an artist with words you paint a picture in my mind that i love ~♥~

Jennifer Wichard - ♥ Dearest Sri Gawn~ thankfully, many well intentioned seeds are received as such. When planted, nourished and fertilized lovingly, they take root, flourish and blossom into rolling meadows of change....such as the beautiful seeds of love you plant right here. ♥

Gary Lange - It has my vote for the sacred book cover of the year..

Heidi Beetcher - ahhhh...if I were to comment on every piece of writing of yours that i have come across, that moves me, i would be inundating your pages..... you touch my heart deeply with the love, joy, passion, and bliss that you share....there is some beauty that cannot be expressed in words. *smile* love to you....xo ♥ ♥ ♥


Tricia Perrin Beal - I could listen to you all day ~I love a deep soul..who knows what they are talking about :-)

Henk Lütter - You realy have a way with words, mostly not written with the mind but straight from the heart, like music, an expression of the divine.

Misty Bleu - This is your book?? That you wrote?? I have friends that have posted these quotes..and I loved the words! Am I star-struck?

Susie Bonham-Craig - This is FABULOUS, Jean-Pierre! I will definitely be receiving a copy! I SO love the rolling belly laughs and warming of the heart your Divinely guided wisdom and whimsical prose bring! ♥ Blessings!!

Rosemay Moira Erian - Thank you for sharing and inspiring us with your heart's wonderful insights and humour, Jean-Pierre! I can't wait to put my hands on your book! Bright Blessings! ♥

Sara Martin - Just to let you know that I will be ordering lots of copies of your book before Christmas so don't think I won't as I haven't yet- I'll order one for myself very soon and then lots - I think it's wonderful what you write - and very good for world happiness♥♥♥it's the nicest poetry I've ever read and I have read quite a lot

Joan - I am amazed by the flow of love and energy that thunders and oozes from you! It is so mysterious and full of truth. I am one of those Spiritual Authors who did not make the top 250, however, I stay in touch with the immense beauty of relationships that have been part of the dynamic of Next Spirit Author and now on Facebook. Your good energy keeps all of us moving forward, within or outside of the competition. Thanks you!

David Randle - You remind me of a lighthouse, guiding our ships of Hope away from the rocks of Despair my friend. I salute you Jean-Pierre and I think it would be one of lifes greater joys to meet you in person. Your words give inspiration in a way not often encountered in this life and they are to be treasured with love. Thank you, from my heart and soul. :)

Lauretta Boyington - You betcha Sweet Sri Gawn...I need to ask...May I quote you on my page? Your expression of Love would help with the Balance I seek for myself and my friends...Love Always ♥♥♥

Gretchen Casey - I can't stop laughing!! I actually have tears. Thank you!!

Vicky Shotton - ♥ So powerful those words, so amazingly soft and powerful ♥

Jane Irvin - Your words light the way in the uncertainties facing us all! Thank you JP.... you're ON as always! Love and especially light to you!

Holly Austin Grimes - hahaha ♥ Love ya, Raven!! ((BIG LAUGHING HUGS)) My kid is one of your newest fans - he totally digs Sri Gawn Tu Fahr! You spread Light with every breath you take, Dear One!

Brooke Melissa Miller- Hilferty - Thanks, Jean- That truely made my day! Needed a hug even if it was for myself! *HUgS* Right back! ♥

Bev Stratton-Proemper - dearest Sri Gawn ,friend of many, your words, humour and Spirit bring joy to all who read them, either through being profound, to make us think.. or so excruciatingly funny to bring the twinkle in our eyes and the smile our the faces… and again make us think ;O) You are a bright shining Beacon. Thank you Love and Light bev xxx

Jennifer Michelle Covany - Aaahhh, ur words r chicken soup 4 my soul! I bask in them like the sun that seeps in2 my soul and brings light in2 my being~Keep them coming, i love them and i relish in our dear friendship! Ty 4 being so special 2 me~ I luv u ♥ XoXo

Mark Halbert - That's powerful Jean-Pierre, gives me warm feelings and a sense of communion. Peace and Blessings. Mark

Shivanthini Dharmasiri Burr - I just wanted to say thank you, some of your quotes have been truly inspirational to me and many have brightened my day and lifted my spirits... and your whacky ones have made me smile :) so thanks again, I am awaiting your book :) x.

Alison Taber - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Please never stop doing this. You have an extaordinary gift.....I believe your words could heal the world.....When I read these, they make me completely giddy and I feel as if I am transported to somewhere amazing....I KNOW I am not the only one either.....Anyone else??

John Troy - Sri Gawn, Good one. Let it keep coming. You got the gift like a Sufi poet.

Sheila Gautreaux-Lee - You write so beautifuly. Your images are profound.

Patricia 'Violet Flame' Santoro - A Huge Heavenly WHOO HOO can be heard throughout the Cosmos as the Company of Heaven and the Beings of LIGHT are dancing on the stars celebrating you and the LOVE you ARE in the world. Your wonderful new book is the mirror reflection. May all the Blessings of LOVE and its True Home be yours always..and in all ways, Dear Brother in Love.
Infinite love, grace and gratitude....In the REAL, I AM ♥

Barbara Weaver - I have always loved your posts, and will share this so we all know how to order...and turn up our fire!♥ Thanks.♥ ♥ ♥

Joseph Anthony - You need to have an smart phone app, so I do not have to go on face book to read my daily quotes from Wonderful yet again!

Lara Compton - :)Sir Gawn,Your posts I find freeing and worthy of flight; this post is positively liberating!!!!! Brilliant brilliance - simple and masterly! Thank you ♥ ~ :) ~ :)

Raven Alexa - delightfully mischievous Raven, you are.... ; )

Tarzan Singh - Love is universal and many have spoken about it BUT I declare Sri Gawn Tu fair as the ultimate Love Guru.. Thank you for translating feelings & emotions into powerful words..

Neetu - hello my sweet friend, your book is amazing. blessings

Bill Whitefeather - So True- you're words inspire the forgotten corners of what it means to be compassionate- Thanks Again Brother

Margot Wilson - Oh, you my friend, have just made me laugh! Perfect timing! ♥

Cecilia Brown - Your words astound me.. beautifully put.. true it is in our hearts already!! ♥

Tonee Gwinn - just wants you to know I love-love your AWEsome "kick starts" to each new day, dear Jean-Pierre. ♥ What an wise "inspiration" You are! ♥ SO looking forward to your new book "Love's True Home." ♥♥♥

Patti Ramos - Thank you Jean-Pierre for sharing you with the world. Your quotes so beautifully and poignantly compliment my photos.

Planken Beth - Sometimes you remind me of Khahil Gibran, do you know the book, Jesus the Son of Man.?

Steven Josef Pargett - You just made my night. So I voted for you to help make yours. Where/When can I get the book?! See you on Oprah! =]

Beth Mangoni DeChurch - Are there really men out in this world as lovely and divine as you?

Natasha Simper - LOL really Loud! Glad I am not the only one, we must be reading some of the same stuff! You are like sunshine on a rainy day Mr Jean-Pierre....Thank you for the laughter, Sploink? lol ♥

Mark Bajerski - if we could all do this the world would be magical Jean, but every word of yours is one step closer ♥

Raven Nevermore - Your words are like music to the heart and soul!
I recommend your page and writing to all my friends and share your quotes all the time!

Tony Amendola - Hi Jean Its wonderful to meet you and to see someone so connected. I was blessed to have the Expereince so admit I dont often take much notice of books ...........but i have to say I am genuinely excited to see yours ..................I havent had a pull like that in 7 years. I read Rumi and it has what I call Source signiture.....certain ways of saying things that you only can if you KNOW ........ youre the same :) I have already shared your link to many..............Knowing its source :)Again thank you for your light our light .............LIGHT lol:)

Deb Lavallee - Hello my Beautiful new friend:) First of all I'd like to give you a Heartfelt Thanks for everything you are!!!! lol.. your words just resionate Right Through my very being. . Lately I have been calling ~ All Angels ~ and suddenly ... You appear with everything that just feels like you are speaking the words I cannot voice lately. Everything you are sharing with us is feeling like the answers to all that is going on in my life lately.

Claire Oconnor - Your are a little ray of sunshine Jean-Pierre x

Tuulia Koivisto - ♥ ♥ Thank you those beautiful words.. I´m flying in the skies ♥ ♥

Srajan Geiger - Hello Jean-Pierre looking at you and my heart starts dancing... thank you for the Friendship...Namaste Srajan

Stephanie Ambrose Van Schoyck - beautiful timing......i really needed this this morning. thank you.

Sara Martin - how beautifully phrased - a sweet and seductive suggestion♥

Andri Georgiou Pouyioukka - i truly luv to read what you have such a way with take them under your beautiful spirit and they sound so sweet ...gentle and

Nicole Rousselle - Hi Jean-Pierre! You have one of the most intresting and ProFOUND quotes & sayings... Thank you ♥ ♥ ♥

Robin Leigh Vella - This is so beautiful♥♥♥Thank you♥♥♥You have so much love in your heart♥♥♥What a precious gift you are to all of us♥♥♥

Nancy Seymour - Yes. You are certainly generous with sharing wisdom as well, Jean-Pierre. Thank you. I read them all. Sharing our wisdom increases our own as well as others.With gratitude ♥

Cheryl Evans - Hi angel wow thank you for such beautiful inspiration,your profile is like a heavenly kingdom, your light shines very bright like a source of courage stength and wisdom your llife radiates, love and laughter,

Kathryn Grayson - Jean-Pierre, you must have women swooning all over you! xo

Mel Jayne Ramsay-Mc Keowninnit - thank you, your words are beautiful and hold a special meaning for me ♥

Saloni Baliga - How and where do you come up with these? Love them all! Thanks! ♥

Francesca - I read your post all the time and I'm glad we are friends on facebook.

Christiane Ashleine - when are you going to write a book? have you always been like this? just curious.

Julia - why is it when you have 5000 friends I feel like your talking to me? Thanks! I find it amazing that you can touch my heart from the other side of the world even when you have never met me.

Serenity Lyn - Again, you have yet to let me down, Jean-Pierre. Your words are always knowledgable , full of wisdom and .,...well they really make a person stop and think. i love that ! Thanks so much for always sharing. That is very thoughtful of you.

Mariana Kayla Haias - wow....thats just wow

Jihan Barakah - My dear beloved 'friend of the Heart', the quote you share reminds me of the Inspiring Wisdom of Kahlil Gibran when he says, "Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy."

Sara Martin - how beautifully phrased - a sweet and seductive suggestion♥

Annette Balcom Christopherson - I don't embrace your writings, they embrace me, and I thank you for that. You have a very old soul which is felt strongly in your writings. Thank you, forever, thank you.

Velda Matchem - You express yourself so beautifully, my heart expands with joy as I read the words and open to let more love in.♥ In Love & Gratitude Velda

Sallie Bragg - Woo Hoo! Your poetry has my Heart pumping with excitement. Love your humor and Spirit!

Lauretta Boyington - When you write Jean-Pierre it always sounds like music to my ears...I'm sharing.Love Always ♥♥♥

Sierra Goodman - I just love you, Jean-Pierre! You brighten my day! ♥

Leisha Naja ૐ - wooooo hoooo....spinning

Gina Tufariello - It must b wonderful to have REAL peace inside oneself as u do.I can tell it by the way u share ur wonderful messages for all 2 see,knowing somehow they will make someone feel love

Cabezon Cardena - Thanks Jean Pierre. You are the Master of Poems

Sara Martin - I am just imagining how amazing you have made people feel all over the world even just in one day with your poetry - What a special gift this is - thank you again

Vimi Sinha - my god! every word.....too beautiful an expression

Sarah H Perkins - What a beautiful saying!

Cristina Santos - So beautiful & inspiring, thank you!.........

Trish Kelman - Awww...Perfect... like everything you write!! Thank you for your beauty!! :o)♥

Lumina Love - You shine as the Sun, O' BEautiful One. Thank you for the gracious gifts of Love's Sacred Presence ~ ♥

Dave Bryson - Wow- never heard of this dude, then I wake up and check twitter and this is what I see - "@evolvefest~ When flames hold hands a roaring fire is born. ~ 'Sri Gawn Tu Fahr'"- THEN I GO ON FB AND SEE YOU ARE QUOTING THE SAME GUY!!!!! SoRI, but this has GAWN TU FAHR - ; )

Carolyn Wondra Mair - I signed in and voted for you and also posted this. I truly feel that you have a beautiful and powerful gift with words and fully support you in the Next Spiritual Author Contest.

David Mac Randle - God bless you Jean-Pierre. You and Osho are my greatest teachers in the Now, and I send you Love from my heart dear friend :

Rosemay Erian - Awwwwwww! You are so poetic, Jean-Pierre, your words make me melt! This is another "funtastic" one! xoxoxo Romy ♥

Jill Sarafin - Your friendship, leadership and wisdom on life & love is one of the greatest gifts and I am open to receive all ♥♥ Have a blessed day

Melli BlueStar - Universal connection ((( ❤ ))) and to read your inspiring, uplifting and charming quotes every day, ThankYOU :))) ☆

James J. Bradford - I'm sorry, but have you been reading Einstien, Schrodinger, or Hawking or just watching Animal House or Men in Black?

Dimitra TheEmpress Tamaresis - Excellent!!!! You are TREASURED beyond compare!!!

Gail Cullen - You are Divine, Jean-Pierre...Your words are always...I am honored that you speak of me in such a way...I bow my head to you in honor...Thank you...

BlancPS: - WOW Jean-Pierre, your page is amazing...your quotes are heavenly and for the heart...and your book cover is amazing...I see your book published already! God/Goddess bless you!

Jan - Jean-Pierre, what an amazing brain you have. Where did you get your software?! You deserve to be famous, if you can cope with the adulation!!! You have started my day with a laugh yet again. I so much enjoy how you immerse yourself in the glory of wonderful words.

Alan Jacobs - you are doing a marvellous job- very inspired original poetic conceptions,many thanks, much appreciated and true!

John Stibbs - so very Sufi of you :)

Maja Daniels - You are hysterical. and inspirational, a poet, AND you know it!

Margot Wilson - Great one...I guess I've never thought about this, in this way! Have a beautiful weekend to my beautiful and FUN friend! Can't wait to buy the children's book that you are working on! ♥♥♥♥

Patricia 'Violet Flame' Santoro - Love this diamond light of wisdom. Thank you for gracing us with such exquisite gems!

Swami Manish - Very beautiful thank are like a waterfall...a full power river of wisdom and love.....with some humor too, which is always good.....

Britta Jamila Henkenjohann - OMG, you are so awesome! lol This is brilliantly funny. ♥

Alexandra Roberts - Jean-Pierre..I so love your posts! You have one of the most beautiful consciousness..Thank you for sharing with us~

Lee Gillmer - Ah, the words that this man's Soul can write... :)Tip to all the men reading this - copy these words - and the next time you write your wife, fiance, lover or girlfriend a card or note, remember them! You will be living in bliss for months after :))

Lisa - Jean-Pierre You are a genius who is in love, is love, and writes love. How did you get both sides of your brain to work in unison???I know....LOVE

Joanie Shand - you truly have the most lyrical melodious flow of words and thoughts...they are similar to a dance around a ballroom...grand wonderful thoughts...flowing beautifully with the words....thank you sgtf

Lara Compton - Sod OSHO and all those other preachers of the New Age hogwash... THIS is absolutely spot on. Sri Gawn Tu Fahr is da main man! :) xx

Donna Hilton - Thank you Riccardo for bringing me to this beautiful page. I love your quotes Sri Gawn, so refreshing to find them. I have voted for you,I hope you win....Big hugs, love and light.xxxx

Collin Ferrari - What beautiful, sensual words!

Ja-Len Jones - The romantic poet John Donne once my favourite romantic poet until Sri Gawn Out-”Donne” him!”He’s come UnDonne” The new, the Contemporary poetry made soft like mush in the supplanted like butter spines of we vertebrates. As flowing down Sri Gawn’s love to gently quell our heads with uguent, the oils of sacred blessings. As the swelled banks of the river of love’s swift overflow Sri Gawn resplendent in glorious complete spectral light arrays. A bright shining tiger on the shore holding the key to Sri Gawn’s most magnanimous love for us. He is here on FB and beyond to the pearly gates of Oprah. Such magnificent cupidian love, romantic heart-strings plucked like chickens from their roust to awaken and sing winsome songs. As Sri Gawn takes great pleasure in fine wining and dining us with such a serene dip in his masterful azurian pool of poetics. Sri Gawn has a license to thrill and free us from our captive hearts held down for far too long. We are FREE to LOVE! He is that captivatingly by our longing to be love and loved. Songs of Love emannate from the deepest contours and curvilear spatial infinity of his adroit and contemplative heart. The soulful Sri Gawn; the heart’s unrelinquishing reliquary of love in the overflow. Welcome to here and now Love of Sri Gawn; you will never be the same!

Beth - Jean-Pierre, ...when you're ready to put one of your knock 'em dead quotes on my words of wisdom web page, let me know....Beth

Gilles Denis Birger Johansson - You're positings never fail to cheer me up...Love will save the day!

Barbara O'Brien - I look forward to your posts every day my friend. God bless. It took me fifty years to learn what you state above and it has turned in to the most fun time of my life.


Rajini Krishnan - Thankyou kindly...I am only but your student...Your quotes are inspirational and the ones that touch me most, I can't help but respond in kind with a poem about what I learn from enlightened souls like yourself and what I feel from inside. It is my pleasure to read the quotes of a great one like yourself....:)

Wendy Strong - I just love when you make love to your words.

Julie Brownlow Hopson - ..okay...whew....had to step out for a moment...take a shower or smoke a cigarette? Oh, I don't smoke...sigh...guess i'll go sleep soundly...nice time..

Stina Petersen - I had a invite to this beautiful link/page the other day, thank you so dearly much...So lovely reading...Love your words ♥

Angela Truman - beautiful man, passionate words, loving heart, you make it hard not to love you my dear man!

Sears Barnett - You have my vote Jean~Pierre Raven Gregoire. spit FIRE. You are one of the most PASSIONATE writer/author/poet that I have ever seen

Chris Stewart - Sri gawn hurls huge globs of cosmic love stuff all over people!~

Eric Sheehy - You are the Peter Pan of Poetic Philosophic Paradisaical Parlance and Patronal Pronouncements...Peace.

Susan Horne - you'd make any girls heart melt

Laura Noblejas - You are so gifted, my Poet Prince:)))♥♥♥

Mandy Cahoon Areman - great stuff tonight...your words are stirring things inside...hehe

Tiger Francis - Ahh, the feeling I have as I get out of bed each morning and slid from under the covers into the day to know love all the more, to give it ... to receive it. Such poetic lines, Sir Gawan. Thanks they make my feet dance as I read the words.

Jay Nash - Your writings are amazing! Your quotes have made me laugh, and think. Thank you for writing from the heart, to the heart. From this day forward, my life will continually be blessed by your writings. Thanks again, and I wish you much success

Francie Goodman Warlick - ABSOLUTELY loving the undulating rivers of emotions that 'run' while reading your posts.....gratitude!!!!

Susan Horne - i could listen to you allll day. you say the most beautiful things! x

Kelly Lynn Anderson - Thats truly beautiful.. and yes, the sweetest I love your words, thank you so much, you may be my favorite facebook sweet talker.

Joan Budnick Trager - the kids and I have not laughed this hard in a very long time!!! Seems to be our recent nightly ritual..reading your posts! Are you doing a book? My daughter is begging me to get her a facebook site....just so she can be your friend!!! Your creative mind is amazing....and the love in your heart is very transparent..

Michelle Abramovic - You have some serious talent going on Sri :) Love your words every day, and look forward to what you will come up with next. Special man! x

Natasha Simper - Lol! What a beautiful man you are, glad I got to join you before your facebook friends filled up...Thank you for your personal email...I joined that too. ♥ ♥ ♥ Jean-Pierre X

Anastacia 'Tessie' Stamell Machado - Some men, YES!!! & you, our amazing poetic person ... are one of them...

Doug Russ Edwards - Wooooo! Jean-Pierre. Bullseye, prophet. Now this one really needs to be propagated. Thank you.

Averi Torres - In all humility, thank you. you, dear Jean-Pierre are a most generous Spirit, so filled with love, so open and willing to share it all. Can't help but love you all the way to eternity. XOXO

Beth Buckley Ambard - Thanks, Jean-Pierre! I love Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - humor mixed with the Divine.

Janet Kody - so much advice is given on how to tune out thoughts - and YOU = the secret weapon that can turn the mind to mush as the heart races on by.....

Denise Gibson - Thank you for making me and every other lady in the realm overwhelmingly filled with your spirit of love today!!! Language and image and youthful whimsical spirit accompany you as light shines from you!

Marie Gebbia- you are da bomb! :-)

Johanna Kiricoples - ..keep 'em comin'....i'm taking a break from house stuff!!! got a few more minutes...........!!!!!!!!

Jill Zen Bennett - My dear Jean-Pierre ~ this thought is medicine of Remembrance to me, and helps SOAR and SHINE! It amps up my RADIANCE. Thank you! ♥

Petru Lötter ‎. - .. you are a poet-mon *

Z Natasha Zazhinne - Oh THAT is so beautiful it makes my heart sing and soar! LOVE LOVE LOVE Zeeva

Valerie Alexander - So true and wise.

Bev Stratton-Proemper - dearest Jean-Pierre , friend of many, your words, humour and Spirit bring joy to all who read them, either through being profound, to make us think.. or so excrutiatingly funny to bring the twinkle in our eyes and the smile our the faces… and again make us think ;O) You are a bright shining Beacon. Thank you Love and Light bev xxx

Lori Chase Walsh - That's heavenly............♥

Narain Ishaya - Hey Sri Gawn, You don't know me, but I wanted to tell you that I have loved how you give your wisdom, your heart and your wit asking nothing in return. I have loved following your writings and posts. You are a wise and funny dude...

Syl de Boer - Jean-Pierre, I support your vision! Your book is in Oprah's hands and she's glowing! I can see it! I truely can see it!

Merryweather said... - I have never met anyone like you.I sit here quietly ... with tears of appreciation I wish that every child could have you in their life. I wish for teachers from all over the world to own your book(s) ... to daily have the children read and discuss and learn to think and write like you. The world shines brighter because you share your light...your beautiful, golden, light... your sense of humor, your delight in women, children, animals, humanity.. I feel mesmerized, like I don't want to go to sleep ..because I will miss something that you will teach me. You should only feel so wonderful and happy. Thank you.

Joel Sellers -Thank you for your uplifting words. I was in a few moments of despair. But I am out of it. And thank you again for your support, i appreciate it. Shows that love can come through even facebook, from mostly strangers.

Patricia Ellak - No! wonder you have all the women swarming around you like = Bee's To Honey. You win a lot of women's heart's just with the the sweet words gentle off your lips. Jean I am Gawn Tu Fahr

Sallie Bragg - I checked out your prose and blog...Love it! I also Love Tolle, Rumi, and Suess! No one has compared you to a modern day Whitman? If not I'll be the first..........Wild-man Walt!

Mally Elva Indigo - I know :) Sri Gawn is A LOVE BOMB! and A Perfectly Well Done One!!! LOL... Love To YOU :))) ♥ ♥ ♥

Ronda Lee - your writings are very moving and tender for women today! thanks for the gentle loving words...

Love Joy - every time i read your post, I feel my heart fluttering with ecstatic spirit woo-ing me...into the inner sanctum of my sanctuary..

Gaby Zepeda - wow! my heart just melted...

Jann Gail Jones - Hmmm! I was just wondering how to face my fears. I think I love your advice! Thanks Sensai. xox

Sheri-Elle Reiki - Jean-Pierre, l so love your posts, they have humour and wisdom all at the same time. x

Michael Alperstein - Another great one from "The Doctor Suess of the Spirit World!" =)

Jo Mountifield - Hello Sri,You continue to inspire me daily, in loving gratitude for your expressions of joyfulness through embodiment. Joxoxox

Lynne Milhoan Tillman - that guys is a posting guru....i was recommended a while back to friend him. he had to make a fan page cause he got so popular-LOL. he posts cool stuff every day. here is his fan page link:

Anna ૐ Krantz - i can relate to your attitude. i do hope you win though, a lot of spiritual books are heavy, i like your stuff as it has a sense of humor and wit you rarely find. it will make people less spiritually inclined stop and listen... and they might even take some of it in, whereas they would never give it the light of day in any other shape... wishing you all the best, whatever shape best is for you personally and all the love... :-)) ♥

Zelda S. Fitzgerald - Ok.I will!Thank you!Love quotes you have there,on your page-and even lovelier the thought that there are coming from you-and your personal experiences.Very refreshing.:)

Stephanie Ambrose Van Schoyck - Last night I put my need out there for a quote that I could share with someone else for a specific reason, and it all came together this morning....I just want to share my gratitude and love, and want you to know how much I appreciate your insight and humor on your posts. It is helping me through some MAJOR transformations! :)

Doncy Falvey - Perfect Jean-Pierre ~ Thank Y()U for sharing ~! Such wisdom and truth ~!

Meredith Merryweather - I love you so much!! I am bursting with pride for all that you are accomplishing!!  i feel that you are my family. You are in my heart. My breath. You are so important to me... I adore thee!!  You have opened all my doors and windows and my heart is free... Soul plays now all the time  and is so happy. Thank you forever.

Alounda Mae - Sometimes my friend I think you are reading my thoughts and know what to put up to inspire me ...Thank You ♥

Jacqueline Kalitsounakis Bosman - Jean Pierre....... you have my full support.....and yes you have my full vote:) I love you and your work.....Big supportive hugssssssss Keep singing your beautiful song!!

Skylar Perea - Jean-Pierre what a beautiful refreshing thought for today so true, I love it thank you dear heart (( ♥ ))

Jade Patnode - you spell your words with the magic that heals my lost mind, and i thank you....

One Man Can - great isn't it :)) I have to laugh with some of sgtf's quips... he is very clever with his words. Have you checked out his page?

Bridget Feeney - Chiara, very nicely said, I totally agree with you. I sometimes read some of his quotes with my 20 yr. old daughter, we both just love his stuff.

Steve Pfeiffer - Your golden sun shines on all of us jean-Pierre. Thank You, Bless You Brother

Sherri Busick Rother - Experience The mystical magical musical musings of the masterful Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire! Suh-weeeeetness! ♥

Alyssa D Mallozzi - lately, you've been the best medicine I could take. Your words have helped me get out of the major slump I've been in. Miracles do happen.

Heather Lovasa English - Great heart feels bigger already... :0) Love & Light...

Heather Clark - Hi ya...thanks for being so really make me look at myself and my life and re assess constantly...sometimes we all need that nudge...I appreciate you and all your wisdom

Renee Baribeau - The women must love you.

Jill Zen Bennett - hahaha Sri Gawn Tu Fahr is a CLASSIC!!! lol

Sheila Gautreaux-Lee - Love that, love that, love that!

Raven Nevermore - Your words are like exquisite symphony playing to the heart and soul. ( I am so happy you are on facebook, I am deleting my twitter account! )

Sandra Campbell - Just beautiful..words cannot express the love felt!..

Sandra Parnell - I needed those soothing words at this moment reminds me to sit and feel and hear my heart beat

Raven Mahosadha - I'm always glad 2 see that your beautiful and clever mind never goes to waste. I thoroughly enjoy your intermix of wordplay and deep spiritual wisdom.

Bronagh Fitzgerald - jean pierre just love your quotes buddy always you are the life and soul of the party! PARTY ON LIFES TOO SHORT WOO HOO!

Nancy Louise - You've seen my heart ! :-)♥

Margot Wilson - Hello Jean-Pierre ~ ~ Just stopped by, to let you know, what a wonderful experience it has been, to have this chance to get know a bit about who you are ~ ~ through your fabulous, romantic, loving and funny writings! You are always able to pull some order from the maelstrom in my life! Thank you!

Dee Laura Sprague - Your soulful words rock! How lucky am I !!!!! Having your positive words dripping with love floating on my little iPhone is sweet! I feel like a large treasure has just dropped into my world. THANK YOU! Cheers Dee

Jennifer Carretta - Ever considered a career as a RAP artist? :) ~

Alan Jacobs - I like your most original metaphors

Elena Fong - Wow, speechless!

Susan Marshall - My dear Jean-Pierre, was just browsing and came across this quotation; I thought of you and your teachings immediately:-"A mind might ponder its thought for an epoch and not gain so much self-knowledge as the passion of love shall teach in a day"- RALPH WALDO EMERSON. And you, brilliant and beloved friend are EVERY bit as profound and articulate as Mr. Emerson!! xoxoxo

Meredith Biegel - You make me feel like DANCING

Alan Jacobs - Profoundly original formulation of everything we should all know, but only a few understand, let alone realise.

Lady Magnolia - no doubt you are intoxicated by the ocean, love's nectar potion or is the the moon-shine making you feel so divine? Are you drunk on moonshine?

Christina Norman - Jean-Pierre, I am getting the distinct feeling that I am being courted by you via all of these lovely quotes on my wall. My, really know how to turn a girl's head, don't you? Chilvery is most certainly not dead in you, my friend. Thanks for brightening my day and blessings to you! :-)

Amy Caran - That's intoxicating. Wonderful! Peace and love

Debra Prue Gerry - SWEET!

Kathleen Crossley - Well I just gotta say, this is real nice.. :) xo * so beautiful *

Lalla Sabra - This is beautiful poetry!

Mimi Brown - Wow...beautiful!

Santhanam Krishnamachari - Hooa. Put the zipper on!

Ankit Srivastava - Thank you! for letting me find the reason behind why I was having trouble accepting the biggest gift in my life! =D

Meredith Biegel - oh ... I have my sister coming on board..wth her girlfriends... and how about a whole brand new untapped group of 16 and 17 year old lovely young women from Georgia ....(my niece joined last night on her own!!) who are all flipping out over what you write... not to mention your art work and photo's!!! Yup I'm turning everyone on to your fan site!! and..... they'll all be voting too!!! xxx woo hoo........

Kimberly Ann Boring-Ruiz - You always say the absolute most beautiful things. Sending you so much love and affection : )

Chris Conrad - beautiful

Betty Blackwell White - That's funny, and I love it!

Francie Goodman Warlick - YES!!!!!

Maria Sanches - Delicious!

Saba Furhad - o m g yesss :D

Daniel - I just wanted to thank you again for your presence ...your wisdom has helped me enormously...

Fer Iffic - beautiful! ♥

Alan Jacobs - a visionary insight

Given Seepe - Beautiful, is there any place you are not? unbounded by time nor by space

Jeffrey Turnbull - SriGee, have been waiting a loooong time for you to offer this clarification. Thank you!

Jasmyn Campbell - this is beautiful jp:) blessings all over ya sweet beautiful being.. oop and posting this cause it's just so lovely.. mwah

Sophia Wise - Oh, I love this!

Skylar Perea - ♥ ♥ Beautiful ♥ ♥

Patti Ramos - Beautiful ... thank you Jean-Pierre

Cheryl Soave - wow this should be framed and put in homes and businesses

Loti A Pouli - Ah. Luminous, SGTF !

Skylar Perea - ♥ ♥ The awesome beauty of your words that flows from your spirit to mine reminds me we are all so divine ♥ ♥

Lauretta Boyington - You betcha Sweet Sri Gawn...I need to ask...May I quote you on my page? Your expression of Love would help with the Balance I seek for myself and my friends...Love Always ♥♥♥

Julie Brownlow Hopson - Some of your suggestive statements almost beg for a suggestion....that's just my opinion......sorry; I'm a sucker for sensual poetic words...but you knew that, didn't you? ♥

Jennifer Larkins - You are every man that every woman dreams of Loving....smiles

Marie-Ora de Villiers Scheel - Those words paint a beautiful picture....

Angela Love Underhill - Woo hoo...Now that's a drug I could I wouldn't mind being addicted to...woo hoo...

Katherine Rosegren - your words, feelings and imagery are incredible renderings of the "almost" unspeakable" such awareness in a state most until- NoW* have never dreamt! Hello* Having been to these lands I resonate, swirl, immerse my Beingness within this consciousness..of One! Namaste~

Jann Gail Jones - I've considered getting a tattoo of a phoenix because I have risen from the ashes more times than I could tell you. Thanks for all your daily wisdom beautiful man!

Marilyn Badthing - Catching my breath from the overwhelming beauty and romance that is oozing from your soul! :)

Meredith Biegel - I am so flooded with such emotion. I am lapping up everything that you write like a kitten with her milk. I am blessed and thankful that you are in my life...and really for all the fabulous women and men who share this love for you with me.

Lisa LaRose - you are like an exquisite David Deida with a wink

Vikram - i keep reading ur posts. they are very enlightening. thank you for sharing the wisdom with us. it is deeply appreciated .

Sybil Wallace - i just had to send you a note ! you don't know me but i think your a beautiful human being! i am sending love and light to you ! thank you!

Scott Stouder - Love that... Beautiful... ♥

Melody Lynn Rogers - alright, he's an absolute hoot! I dig his style! lol! You gotta check out Sri. The self described Rumi on a rocket, Eckhart Tolle out of control, Einstein drunk on wine, Dr. Seuss tanked on juice, Gibran totally gone, Aristotle on the bottle, Ghandi with the Wind, a Supernova Casanova, a snarlin' George Carlin, Chris Rock running amok, Deepak out of Whack and the Divine Poet of Facebook.

Sundeep Kishore - Wonderful individual wisdom.Thanks

Erin Tullius - Just wanted to thank you for your "pearls" each day. I look forward to reading what Sri will say next!

Michele Lenzen Milic - How have you not been snatched up by Hallmark?!

Natasha Radevska - It's very realistic and logical thought.

Nenari Diamondlady Diamond - funny that you should write this now, I was just talking with my beloved about this the other day. I love your quote, you always write so profoundly and beautifully. Thank you for the amasing soul you are and the gifts you give to all. Espavo ~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Adarsa Asvaratna - yes I did silly goose do you like Dr.suess?i feel like I am Dr.suess chasing you duck duck are in the cabouse...
you silly willy it's your heart I seek to find...

Colleen Dillon Parkman - You're beautiful Jean-Pierre! Can really feel your Heart's loving vibration...thank you for sharing your gift. ♥

Divine Blueprint - thank you, sweet Heart xxx many mwahs to you too for your light and delicious humour xxxx : D

Lana Benson - I love your heart Raven..... thank you continuing to share inspiring waves of positive energy across the expanse of our field....

Tamara Penn - Jean-Pierre... magnificent words of wisdom! "Even imperfection itself may have its ideal or perfect state." ☮

Janet Shea Woods - LOVE THIS....

Jan - Oh Jean-Pierre you've done it again! I love that you can be so profound and then make me burst into laughter! If I was allowed to vote for you again, I would

Wiselife Empath - Dear Jean-Pierre, Perusing your site on your new book "Love's True Home", saw your vision of Oprah holding the book over hear head, yes ! Thats going to happen !!

Marilyn Badthing - Words fail to express this overwhelmingly uplifting feeling that you've placed here in my heart.

Skylar Perea - Jean-Pierre Oh course you have my vote! I cant hardly wait for your book so exciting my friend ♥ ♥

Alan Jacobs - Dear Jean Pierre, you are a modern Gibran and have posted your photo on my profile. All the very best

Jennifer L. Hart - Not sure why but this one hit my funny bone. It's wonderfully reasonably unreasonable!

Sandra Parnell - Your words are conforting to me. They come to me at the perfect time.


Tiger Francis - I can read Sri, like myself you are in love with love, and breath it from dust to dawn. Great to have you as a friend

Mandi Biello-Dionisio - I will never forget what you wrote to me after a comment i had posted one day "we hear what we need to hear when we are ready" What you wrote here is exactly what I needed to hear. Your gift is truly amazing. Love to you my friend.

Alena Beňačková - Jean- Pierre, You are Master of unlimited love . I have big joy .....♥

Dawn Hambrick - Needed to hear that today Sir! you always know when to say just the right thing! Sending you my love my dear! : )

Margot Wilson - Love your way with words! ♥

Trish Kelman - Jean-Pierre..I can't wait to read your book..Congratulations!! Love the pic by the way..:o) I know you will do well, you are extremely talented!! I'm honored to have you as a friend!! :o) Here's to "Loves True Home"♥

Tonee Gwinn - You are AMAZING, Jean-Pierre. What a blessed GIFT you have with "words." AWEsome!! ♥

Meredith - BiegelOh Meredith I'm in love just from reading your message! Ooh! Sri Gawn Tu Fahr gave me spiritually romantic goosebumps! I love him. Thank you! You're awesome! Have a wonderful day loving you, on purpose! BLESSINGS! Edith xxx

Katherine Rosegren - A powerful post with truth that needs to be repeated to everyone who holds any power over another in any way/ parents/ teachers/employers/government officials/ private and public management/ etc/

Vincent Pizzi - Lol, typically well put wise Raven.

AttitudeGoddess Lea Gay - Ooooh! .... I love it! ❤

Donna Hilton - lol,,, that was a mind twister.lolx

Tracey Pankhurst - brilliant xx

Robert Burns - I rarely find such profound topics and gems. Thanks so much for expanding my consciousness and love.

Denise Gibson - Check out Jean Pierre's page....under Sri Gawn Tu Fahr...makes you think and smile♥

Louanne Dukes - No truer words spoken.


Melody Lynn Rogers - I gotta tell you Mr Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - your words absolutely mesmerize, enchant & make me smile to my! I love that! So unexpectedly Magically Minded you are. I dig that...ooOo I do. Glad I found you.

Renee Baribeau - Do you sleep Jean-Pierre. I am amazed at your ability to create moment to moment.

Dawn Hambrick - That really lifted my soul! You are so blessed with word and poetry....its like a wave of love every time! I Love you and I am so grateful for you.

Vilma Roberts - Brother, I listened to the clip, and voted for yours truly. Good luck. Your work is very valuable!! love,laughter and lightness of being!!

Jacqueline Kalitsounakis Bosman - Thank you so much for sharing your gifts Jean~Pierre...your amazing energy reaches far...Blessings of love & light my wonderful friend N*A*M*A*S*T*E*

Elise Larsen - oh, how beautiful that sounds...thank you Jean-Pierre, it took my breath away!

John Charles - Stop it! Read the power of Now by Eckhart Tolle :) - you remind me of him

Asha Perera - Have voted for you ,cause i love your inspirational quotes. Thank you may you be inspired more to produce such beautiful & eloquent art with words.

Marie-Ora de Villiers Scheel - And btw I think a book of your quotes would be amazing - I have often thought how much I would love to have them all in one book I can dip into whenever

Jannie Ellis - That you take the time to enrich so many :) count the smiles You'll be busy all day thru ♥ Blessings JP xxx

Saphire Rose - Woooooweee!!! LOVE this!!! . reminds me a lot of Rumi.... Thanks for this... Shine on... * ♥ *

Jasmyn Campbell - omgdess you are simply awesome:) i love this.. have a super duper great night.. mwah

Asha Perera - A true spitiritual writer, my vote is for you. ;-)

Vilma Roberts - It will be my honor to vote for you since I know you to be an amazing author!!

Wiselife Empath -Dear Jean-Pierre. i voted for you you are an awesome awesome dynamic spiritual writer, and i listened to the audio, you have very soothing speaking voice as well, looked at your website very kewl.

Lynette Smith - LOL...oh you're bad :D

Donna Maria - You are a dream to have around my friend!!! Much love xx

Chris Stewart - lol.. your language knows no bounds

Meredith Biegel - No ... me first!!!! Please inject !! weeee it's a LOVE FEST!!

Donna Maria - inject me . . . inject me :-)))))

Marie Gebbia - thank you, your star hit my heart with a smile!

Celeste Aset - You are an inspiration for all! Thank you Sri Gawn Tu Fahr ;) ♥

Jennifer Larkins - WOW>>>SO ORIGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elliott Eli Jackson - We really can't express the feeling that comes from your words. Thank you so much SGTF. Wait, Yes I can. It is Love! : )

Patricia 'Violet Flame' Santoro - Dear Family of Light, If you are not aware of my friend Jean-Pierre Gregoire AKA Sri Gawn Tu Far and his divine love wimsical writings, I invite you to do so. Your heart and soul will dance in divine love's joy, bliss and laughter. Should spirit so guide you, please go to the link below and vote for him in the Next Spiritual Author Contest. I thank you for your kind consideration and action of love

Ann Johnson - WOW .... thats pretty powerful advice... I LOVE it!

Saloni Baliga - You did it, huh?? Got the fan page for lesser mortals like us who look to you for your gentle words brimming with Love and inspiration!

Jill Zen Bennett - Exactly, G. Lee! Thank you from my heart, Jean-Pierre, for helping to awaken my lovelight when it gets a bit sleepy. :) And I'm deeply appreciative when it ripples out into my world in healing, beneficent ways. How beautiful!!!! Brings tears to my eyes in this moment...

Vicky Shotton - ♥ Love this! ♥

Joani Miller - So VERY True!♥♥

Diana Silva - Awe... You have melted my heart with your love and kindness to my heart... Your heart is so beautiful and very kind to mine... You are one of a kind, for there are very few gentlemen that exist in this world... Blessings to you from the heart of Jesus.. :-) ♥ ♥ ♥

Brian Mark Sherwood - Ur like a fricken facebook guru or sumthing...

Sonja - Good morning to the man with beautiful words, have a wonderful day.

Angela Truman - you made my heart melt...thank you

Heather Mowers - I am already a huge fan!I I look forward each and every day to see what you post! Keep up the great work that you do :) Very inspirational for me.

Alan Jacobs - true poetry

Lynn Autumn - thank you for your inspiring Self, for your wings, Jean-Pierre.

Rosslyn MacKenzie - Thank You John Pierre for your comment~I really resonate with this~Love only begets Love etc~I'd love to sahre it~May I ?

Layla Khan - you're just too cute..mwah! :D

Beth - Thank you Jean-Pierre ... beauty instinctively recognizes itself in are a creative genius and a master of, light, wisdom and laughter, Beth

Kiki Bakshi - Sri Gawn Tu Fahr' is Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire - please friend him if you don't want to miss a single spiritual jewel dropping from his keyboard :)...tell him you found him here so he knows how much he's appreciated, not that he'd care ..lolll

Arun Prem Rajasingh - i await the arrival of ur book jean....

Gerda Georgi Schondorff - WOW HOW POETIC, LOVE IT

Michael Wood - Very Romantic ... . ' .

Victoria Sambenito Guevarra - Appreciation of beauty...oh,what it!

Fara Marz - I voted for your pure heart and evolved soul depicted in your book my dear freiend. Be always blissed.

Peggy LaCerra - If you love Sri Gawn Tu Fahr - go to - and vote for his as the 'Next Top Spiritual Author' - he has my vote!

Eric Sheehy - JP I love ur writings...u get my vote...I can see also that u r innately a good soul and cosmic jester...ur writings should be published...Peace bro.

Annie Oakley - You make my heart sing.. and You make me laugh belly laughs. Blessings to You! ♥ ♥ ♥

Jacqueline Kalitsounakis Bosman - If music be the food love plays on..............I am drinking your melodies.

Anastacia 'Tessie' Stamell Machado - I went to this site & I registered & I voted for you! You've been an inspiration to so many of us here on fb. I for one miss you when I don't see your posts for a while. And I very often paste lots of them on my wall for my friends to see your work. Good luck dear friend... & angel brother!

Debbie Francis - ha ha tickle away ,:)

Carla Holliday - Thank you for making me laugh lovely man ♥

Elise Larsen - haha, you sure have a way with words, Jean-Pierre....i love every one of them!

Tracey Berry - ever the romantic you are ; )

Neetu - must say, you are truly an inspiration to us all dear friend. much gratitude for your friendship. your words truly uplift my soul! you are an angel that walks on this earth!

Love Joy - oh wow, u got me blushing in the library..shhh!!!

Jannie Ellis - ur so liberating JP !!! Thanku for these wonderful insights :) xxx

Christina Norman - Awesome and sharing Jean-Pierre! Thanks! : )

Tammy Turner -Thats so true!!!

D. Scott McGregor - Wow, now THAT was good! The Dali Lama says he believes his religion unless proven different by science. What an attitude.

Kelly Rose Brown Mahoney - I love it :O)) thank's soo much!!

Sonja Chwyla Pemberton - If I was feeling doubtful, I dont now. Thanks for those assuring words. Love & Light Sonja

Magdalen Wolin - Thank you...i really needed to read this

Therese Lepage Lachapelle-Bhatnagar - True... how I enjoy your statements/ affirmations... + they are very practical and so original...your very own... no doubt!!! THANKS for giving so much... to a hungry world!!

Susan Marshall - How very beautiful xoxo

.Lola Barrett - It is a joy to enjoy my morning coffee and sometimes even have dinner with you by my side on cyber space. Love you, love you what more can I say. Your sweet words make me SIGHHHHHH!!!!!!! You can never go far enough away. The farther you go the closer you come. Into my world and into my heart......... into my bedroom.

Deborah Alder - such beautiful phrasing.. pearls of wisdom & love


Meredith Biegel - thank you Raven. I adore you... and I cry from all this feeling moving all over my body .. yay

Margot Wilson - Omar Khayyam, would appreciate this! ♥

Brian Adams - I love your mind. I find myself alway wanting to share you with my friends and I can tell you they too find you amazing.Thanks Jean-Pierre

Alex Maura Casey - This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you...

Britta Jamila Henkenjohann - Can't wait until your book comes out. Beautiful words.

Mary Jasimone - OMG, how did you get so connected to the ultimate? Thank God for you, Jean Pierre!! Blessings of Warmest Love & Light!!

David Mac Randle - Thank you my brother, teacher and friend. Your words speak of God, Love and Truth & give hope to ALL and exclude NONE - unlike the organised religions and man-made faiths which promise much & deliver little eh.

Wendy Strong - We all have our gifts. Sri Gawn Tu Fahr here seems to have the gift of pushing the limits of conventional thinking at wharp speed.

Debi Rossouw - JP you say the wisest things...i am so blessed to have you in my life!...THANK YOU DEAR HEART! lotsoflove2u!x

Meredith Biegel - Thank you Universe for Sri!! Could you duplicate him exactly to the "t" for me and all my girlfriends Please!!! (I"m not too proud to beg!!!) :)

Theresa Robinson - I've heard this said in different ways before...but somehow none opened my eyes to the concept in the way this quote did.

Jann Gail Jones - My Sky is brightened by your incredible love Your rainbow tears bespeak of peace, surely as the dove Showing your thoughts initiate from a plane up above. I send you back more of the incredible love.

Julia - why is it when you have 5000 friends I feel like your talking to me? Thanks! I find it amazing that you can touch my heart from the other side of the world even when you have never met me.

Patricia Ellak - Rich Heart. I love that. one Zen and Tao. I going to write that down. I love it. I love both Zen and Tao!

Joe Damacio Montoya - Jean, your quote triggered a big smile as I seem to experience what you share, each day. I am amazed. Transformation is everylasting and continuous. Thanks Jean, you are awesome.

Syd Saeed - I love your pearls of wisdom Jean and I feel truly Blessed to be your friend on here.Thank you for making me thoughtful and putting a smile on my face.Much warmth and blessings to you.x

Yvonne S Bonde - Hallmark is in danger of you!

Pale Shade OfWhite - I am officially labeling you "The Love Guru", and in honor I send you this picture.

Asha Perera - A pleasure my friend.Love, Love your writing keep it going my friend. True inspiration pours out through every pore in your body & soul. Hugssssss.♥♥

Meredith Biegel - I vibrate when I read your heart ..OH GloriouS feeling of LOVe...

Albert Puppert - You are like a Waterfall, pouring love into the river of life, many blessings Jean-pierre :) Namaste :)

Leslie Weeks - I love this I'm putting it on my profile...

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Jim Wert - Thanks SGTF!! To complement that there is the Albert Einstein quote that inspires me to higher awareness: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

James Christian - Thank you Jean-Pierre! This is a lovely verse, and very true indeed.

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Susan Marshall - J-P, I have always felt that very deeply; Schweitzer called it a "reverence for life", and if we all possessed it, our Earth would be a Heaven. Thank you for reminding us every day of all the love and beauty in the world, all the very best that Man can be. Love you, beautiful friend xoxox

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Debi Rossouw - where do you come from dear heart? and i dont mean which country... i'm busy establishing a spiritual retreat at our guesthouse in the heart of the winelands in South you want to come out here and do workshops or talks for us????? check it out We would LOVE to invite you!

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Ange Fonce - Smiles.......That is for Me Jean Pierre,is the best comment I have seen You post. Love IS always win-win! And when You have love as Your essence.......Life is win-win in everything You do.Shine on Loving Soul You are a Master of Your Art!

Donna Coughlan - Sometimes, you wonder if anything you have said has made a difference in someone elses day...and then out of the blue someone writes to you, someone you did not even know was listening.. and they thank you... say that it helped somehow...and that makes it all worthwhile. :) So, I say thank you, and... I appreciate you and your words. xxx

Desleigh - I love all your messages and thank you for the wise ones & the ones that make me laugh.

Bernadette Charles - your words taste like orgasmic love juice :-))))


Jett Journo -WOW! Now that is a Magnificent and Inspiring quote. I ♥ it!

Joan Budnick Trager - Local Michigan News: Isabella jumped for joy tonite as the cabin swirled with love for Sir Gahn Tu Fahr...In other News....There was much celebration,as Aria described her recent ah-ha moments, and as she described her transformational shifting.Family hugs ensued~" With much love and gratitude to Sri Gahn Tu Fahr ~ Joanie ♥

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Rocio Frutos - I love this, and also apply it everyday and suggested that to my kids...

Lola Barrett - Help. I accidentally deleted some of your notes and hit panic button. Please post your notes to me. I am suffering withdrawal symptoms of the Jean-Pierre Raven Gregoire.

Ariel Pixie-jean Byrne - now i completey understand you trippy old dude, this is also a buddhist belief.We are not our bodies, they are simply what our soul travels in. Sooooo, you soul lives on love, etc, and we are our souls!!!!!!!! And i love you!

Carla Maria Tudorica Schulz - if only each and every man would think this way about women we would definetly live in a more peaceful world...

Marie-Louise Ambrosius - I already thought so for a while that you ARE writing a BOOK !! funny you found out afterwards;-) Wishing you ALL the best

Ian Morris - strange that you posted that , this morniing i was listening to my friend that talked about reality , i love your posts , my dear friend

Douglas Welpton -Thank you for your daily inspirations and spiritual awareness. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Caroline Janeesha Lightbody -Sri Gawn Tu Fahr! You are fahr tu kind ♥ Your poetic words brightened my Spirit today so ~woohoo! & ThankYou!!

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Michelle Hapafreak -I can't wait to experience your book!!! Thank you!!! Much love!!!

WaveFarm Invention -A great teacher is Sri Gawn Tu Fahr

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Cynthia Killion - Hi Jean-Pierre. Thanks for adding me as a friend on facebook. I love your quote about the beautiful, healing ways we can use words. Look forward to being your friend & reading YOUR words on facebook.
Blessings! Cynthia

Christina Norman - So happy you ladies appreciate Sri Gawn's lovely wisdom. Blessings! : )

Frantonia Pollins - thinks this is simply the most beautiful thing I've read today....Thank you for sharing.

Lynn K. Watters - I feel so comfortable and at peace with you in my space! Please would you tune in on me, I desire spirits assistant on my desire to go forward with my ART? When I am to close to a situation I do not pick up correctly on the subtle signals so I reach out for spiritual guidace from someone else! Will you help?

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