Love's True Home

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I woke up this morning with a sparkle in my eyes; I inhaled love's sweet atoms and drank your warm skies.

When I say I love you I am reflecting what I see, feel, hear, touch and taste. The sweet nectar lies within thee precious woman and flows like a majestic waterfall from your heart into mine.

I was trapped
and bemused
feeling sad
and confused
a subatomic particle
lost in a deep black hole
and suddenly
you stuck in your magic telescope
and I opened up
like a flower
I shot out like a periscope
a mystical kaleidoscope
like a solar flare
without a care
my heart exploded into a supernova
and then,
I woke up in your constellation
a phantasmagorical revelation
so ecstatic
and divine
and sublime
I'm staying here forever,
until the end of time.

What is difficult for one is easy for another. We have unique experiences with different lessons to learn and progress at our own pace. Awareness of this is how we develop patience, respect and compassion for others and ourselves.

The sweet perfume of thy simmering love permeates the innermost chamber of my grateful heart. You truly are heaven’s scent.

The mechanical mind out of control has a singular goal: to show you the pieces and make hidden the whole.

I love intermingling with you; our heart song a love jingle as our senses tingle from the invigorating warmth of spirit’s holy breath.

The more we let go, the more we have. The things we hang on to don’t belong to us. Let go of what you don’t have, and set yourself free!

Love is the prime creative force. How well we work with it determines the nature and quality of our experiences.

When I tumbled into your azure eyes
I didn't realize
that I would land so deep
like a liquid tumbleweed
I swam into your beating heart
crimson tidal wave
tsunami in your chest
circling nipples on your breasts
purple kisses
swollen lips
lightning from your fingertips,
drowning deep within you
is the only way to go
when my mind stops breathing
your sweet love starts to flow
I drink you now
imbibe your essence
I am your skin
bright effervescence
in your presence I behold
all the secrets left untold
saturated with your passion
drenched by you
pure satisfaction

May all souls behold and celebrate their true spiritual nature as children of God and recognize it in others. We are tears of joy born in the eyes of God. Together we form a magnificent river of divine love pulsing in and out of the heart of life.

I can’t possibly go too far, you’re much too profound.
You’re higher than my sky and deeper than my ground.
There seems to be no end in you as my love spins round and round,
So I melt into your heart and drink your light and sound.

This is no journey’s end. Love is all there is.

Congratulations! I heard that you lost your mind. Don’t waste your time looking for it. Enjoy your newfound freedom.

sometimes your love's like a crazy roller coaster,
like frenzied beans in a hot coffee roaster.
I dodge,
and I duck
like a scared hockey puck,
avoiding your stick,
and you're slap-shotting ways.
and then,
I slip in a flower,
a caress,
and a kiss,
wrap myself around you,
like a vine on a tree,
such heavenly bliss,
as your branches surround me,
take me in,
and astound me.
sometimes your love's like a star in the sky,
it puts wings on my heart,
and together we fly,
together we die.

Rather than trying to access the ‘power of the now,’ release it from within your heart and enjoy love, power and wisdom today. Why strive? You are the now! Freedom is already yours.

Spirituality cannot be bought or taught; it can only be caught. Divine love is splashing around in your glorious heart right now, so pull out your magic fishing rod, start trolling for joy and share your bountiful catch with others.

As soul you are a magnificent spiritual prism. The singular, pure love light of God enters your open heart and is distributed to others by the grace of your noble thoughts, loving feelings and acts of kindness.

Are you tired of spending your life preoccupied with the outer world, mesmerized as you watch other people’s videos displaying on the screen of your mind? Get up, go upstairs and become a divine projector. Create your own Oscar-worthy film and give yourself the starring role as the perfect lover.

Its bigger than this,
and its smaller than that,
its tall, lean, and skinny,
and its' short, broad and fat,
its as high as the sky,
and its as deep as the sea,
it lives inside you, and it lives inside me.
I'm talkin' bout love,
you know what I sayin'
that sweet luscious feeling that gets your heart swayin'

A single drop of water from your loving ocean sways my heart forever with a soothing, graceful motion.

Extending our noble thoughts, warm feelings and acts of loving kindness to others is like offering a magic carpet ride. Love elevates their hearts, enlivens their senses and liberates them from the shackles of their minds, while reflecting back to us the love we have shared.

You are much more than a body, feelings, and thought. You are much more the sum of your experiences. When your heart is open to spirit, love flows through you, and as it does, it becomes infused with your myriad, unique colors, textures, flavors, and aromas. You are a brilliant beacon of God's divine love. You are soul. Shine on!

A woman is not something to figure out, understand, or analyze. Forget the musing of the mind; immerse yourself deep in her eyes.

Every thought that you've ever thought,
existed long before you thought it.
Although you might think that it's your thought,
it was somebody else who brought it.

Soul, in its self-realized state, is like a wild stallion: noble, free-spirited, unfettered and spontaneous, forever roaming the wondrous skies of heaven. Humans without spiritual awareness are like tamed workhorses: corralled, kept in reign by the mind and forever following the dictates of others.

you race though my veins
like a manic fire truck
my eyes smouldering from the engine
of your torrid passion
fire hoses squirting out my skin
let me in sweet darlin'
fling the ladder from your pounding heart
climb into my vacant mind
strip me naked and fling me
into your bubbling inferno
your liquid lava seething
every sweet cell breathing me in
as I slowly rise,
and dive into your
silky undulations
microscopic penetrations
wrap yourself around me
and catapult me deep
into your long forgotten sleep
let me in sweet darlin'
envelop me completely
my senses scintillating
corpuscles palpitating
drown me with your magic potion
breathe me like a dragon
soak me with your moist emotion
and lift my heart
into the tranquil eye
of your whirling swirling hurricane
let me in sweet darlin'

I’m a fiery comet of love inviting you along for a ride. Hop on my wings, and hold on tight as I fly straight into your heart and emerge as a glorious sunrise in the tropical skies of your deep smoldering eyes.

hot liquid love,
pouring down from the skies,
splashing into your gorgeous, star speckled eyes,
my heart blows wide open,
and cries out in delight, 
the light of you blinding,
so warm and so bright.
I'm a heavenly feather,
floating high, and so free
drowning deep in your heart,
love's sweet ecstasy.

Sometimes you are a rain-filled cloud then suddenly an ocean, and then you whisper like a brook and stir up my emotion.

You're the best at being you that I have ever seen, so kiss yourself right on the lips, you gorgeous human being.

Each beat of your glowing heart gives birth to countless brilliant constellations. Your glorious love light shatters my mind into a million fragments and I am reborn as an angelic wave upon your inimitable ocean of love and splendor. With wings in my heart I fly forever in your eyes.

I enjoy being a beach on the shoreline of your love. Your warm iridescent waters beckon me with each wave as you pull me from the sand. I’m a sandman flowing through your hands.

I'm gonna love you baby,
like never before,
gonna smash all your windows,
and break down your door.
I'm gonna rip off your roof,
and tear up your floor,
I'm gonna love you sweet darlin'
like never before.
I'm gonna take you to places,
where you've never been,
we'll fly so high together,
in our hearts love will win,
we'll explode in the sky,
and like comets we'll soar,
I'm gonna love you baby,
like never before.

In the lower worlds we often forget our true nature as soul and becomes subject to the influence of those who try to control us through the use of fear and intimidation. Believing that we are a body, emotions or our thoughts makes us easy prey. Behold your true radiant self and set yourself free.

Whenever someone smiles at you in a sincere loving manner, accept it graciously and share it with another. Unleash your smiledorphins! Release the liberating power, wisdom and love residing in the holy chamber of your golden heart.

Why flicker like a flame when a roaring fire burns inside?

Mind without a heart is like gas without a fart. The pressure keeps building and there’s no relief in sight.

Eyes of a tiger,
heart of a dove,
I'm comin' to get you,
I'm your guru of love.

Once we discover love in our hearts we stop seeking and asking questions because love is the only answer to which there is no question.

If you were willing,
I would carry you there,
deep into the jungle,
to a secret lair I have prepared,
just for us to share.
A gentle stream flows through it,
a bed of moss so fine,
a nightingale sings sacred songs,
and divine.
magic mushrooms wink and smile,
as salamanders dance,
silver moths shine brightly,
crickets chirping our romance,
If you were willing,
I would love to take you there,
deep into the jungle,
to a secret lair I have prepared,
just for us to share
our sacred, precious, intimate love.

If you pull yourself back far enough from anythin, the details disappear and you can see the whole thing, the big picture. When you zoom back in the details make a lot more sense. How far can you pull back? How big is your picture?

Once we release the tight grip we have on the temporal objects of this ghostly world, we are free to embrace divine love glowing in our hearts.

As soon as I realized that I was a boomerang of love I turned around and started heading straight for your heart, love’s true home.

I didn’t realize who I was until I stopped being who I wasn’t.

A genuine smile is like a warm rain shower followed by a glorious rainbow. It cleanses, invigorates and enriches the lives of everyone it touches.

Have you ever gazed upon a star as it zooms across the sky,
Shining in its splendor and screaming its love cry? Have you ever wondered what life is, what God is and who you are?
Life is love, love is God and you are that wondrous star.

The mind is very adept at using the news media to propagate its endless messages of worry, fear, suspicion, doubt and tragedy, which keep us preoccupied with events in the outer world. This greatly pleases the mind because we forget to look within our hearts, where mind has no power and love reigns supreme.

There are many different ways to look at humans. I look beyond the face and behold the sweet grace glowing in each and every heart.

Living a spiritual life is not about doing without or living in austerity and denial. It’s about doing within. In the heart of every being shines a golden sun. Behold yours and celebrate! You truly are something special. Shine on!

I wanna know what's deep inside you,
I wanna flow through your blood and ride you,
I wanna sleep in your heart,
and drown in your eyes,
unwrapping every sweet surprise,
I wanna wrap myself around you,
like a vine of love,
my precious dove,
I wanna know what's deep inside you.


You are a divine package of effervescent love containing the sun, the prism and the rainbow.

Instead of getting even or teaching someone a lesson when they do you wrong, consider teaching yourself a lesson instead. Revenge keeps you psychically connected to another in a negative way. Release yourself through the liberating act of forgiveness and learn a truly valuable spiritual lesson.

I am a mischievous, happy little love pump spreading spirit’s love. There is no end in sight as I drench you with luscious droplets of sweet liquid joy. Science is hilarious! The human eye can only see 1/10th of 1% of the electromagnetic spectrum, which means that most of life’s activities go unseen; yet using very limited scientific tools we interpret the visible parts and claim to know so much about life.

The thoughts that we think,
and emotions we feel
have amazing effects on how atoms congeal.
When our minds shines with joy,
and our actions are kind,
the sweet love in our hearts
uplifts all mankind.

I knowI am on the right path because all of this nonsense is starting to make sense.

If you use the expressions my soul and your soul, you have yet to discover your true nature. Soul is not a thing that you possess. You ARE soul.

The circle has been a powerful symbol throughout human history. It is said to represent unity, completion, perfection and God. As soul I view circles as a limiting construct of the mechanical mind. I am free and live outside of all circles in the boundless ocean of spirit’s love, where all circles have their being.

Your acts of kindness are iridescent wings of divine love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after your sharing.

Life could be likened to a cow. It always seems greener on the udder side and there’s an endless stream of bull to contend with.

God is not found out there. The experience of God is an inner, personal experience that can’t be proven by one person to another. When we move beyond the mind and gaze into our golden hearts we experience God in a personal manner. All life exists because of God’s love. This is all we need to know.

The power of words; they can build or destroy. Compliment someone and they are uplifted; this is love in action. Ridicule another and words become potent weapons. Words are real, have substance, can be measured, felt and conjure up images steeped with emotion. When we look for the best in life and express ourselves in a loving fashion our words can work wonders.

If you don't give it all you've got, it won't be got and will soon be forgotten: all for naught, withered and rotten.

Do you have trouble accepting a sincere compliment or a loving gift? Do you feel you must give something back? We have been programmed to react this way by tradition, religion, education, government, peers etc. When a gift is given in love there is no expectations from the giver and no debt is incurred. Learning to accept a gift graciously is an important lesson some of us have to learn.

I find it easy to love you. As I embrace myself your love flows like a river from my heart.

© 2011 Jean-Pierre Gregoire - all rights reserved