Love's True Home

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Greetings. My name is Jean-Pierre 'Raven' Gregoire and I live in Nelson, BC, Canada. I write under the pen name of Sri Gawn Tu Fahr.

I'm a supersonic love tonic, a philosophical word comic raining down from the sky and pouring into your heart.

I had a vision in which I saw Oprah Winfrey holding 'Love's True Home' high above her head and recommending it to all of her fans. Judging by the response from thousands of inspired readers, the dream moves gracefully forward atop the heavenly wings of divine

Don't expect long drawn out explanations or dry intellectual ramblings. My unique blend of irreverent humor, timeless wisdom, insightful prose and eloquent poetry speaks directly to every heart. Prepare to be liberated from the shackles of the incessant mechanical mind as you embark on a magical journey filled with joy, adventure, and spiritual freedom.

A tiny sound byte (below.)

Spirit flows into me like a mighty river. I marvel as thoughts, emotions and images tumble out of my mind and splash into my heart like a waterfall where they dance, frolic and mingle in a frothy bliss. The next thing I know inspirational thoughts, humor, prose and poems of divine love emerge as waves upon this river as it flows onto the pages of Love’s True Home and into your hearts.

© 2011 Jean-Pierre Gregoire - all rights reserved