Love's True Home

Love’s True Home is dedicated to Oprah Winfrey; a truly inspired soul, through whom spirit’s love flows into our world like a glorious river of light, and an ecstatic song of joy.

loves true home

"The sensual way Sri Gawn Tu Fahr writes about love and togetherness, especially in the smokin' Divinity of Woman chapter, echoes Rumi's countless references to The Beloved, which is a composite entity, comprising one's human lover and the Consciousness that manifests in all beings. Sri Gawn Tu Fahr explores a place that lies somewhere between the Sufi poets and T S Eliot." - by Steven Cain, Top Book reviewer for

Love's True Home is a scrumptious, heavenly ambrosia brimming with 1,300 original, inspirational quotes, sparkling prose, romantic poetry and zesty, irreverent humour. Every passage is delicately flavoured to tantalize your mind, invigorate your heart, and give each day a loving kick-start.

I didn’t set out to write Love’s True Home. I slowly became aware that it was writing me, so I surrendered and became the Spirit’s pen. Love is a gift from God that we share with others, so I share my book with you.

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